Where the cool breeze blows...

Is it Fall yet?!?!?!

I've had everything Fall on the brain lately and I'm pretty excited about it getting here. I spent a whole day last week searching for Fall projects. I even made this:

The weather has been beautiful here lately, thank the Lord! We even slept with the windows open last night and I have yet to shut them. I love the way fresh air makes sheets and quilts, feel and smell. That's something you can't find in a Yankee candle. It reminds me of Ma's house when I was little. 

Russ is studying his heart out for his advancement exam (I'm not sure what the official name for it is) that is on Sept. 1st. I really hope he passes it and is able to become RP1 Dykman, instead of RP2. He has taken it a few times before, but with a baby on the way, I think he is more serious about it now. But it all depends on how many spots are open for RP1's, and few other factors. So please pray for him! 

I'm proud to show off my (almost) finished Fall door decor I made last week. All I need is a black letter "D" to hang in the middle and then put some wire on it to hang up. (And of course for Fall to get here so I'm not the weird lady who starts decorating a month too early.)

 Cute! and the best part...it was free! Here is how I made it using supplies I already had.

I used an old picture frame, hot glue gun, scissors, and....

Some Fall/ leaf garland we had bought last year to decorate out apartment patio. The stink bugs loved this stuff, so I'm happy I get to re-purpose it into something besides a bug habitat. 
Cut the leaves off the garland, you need a pretty good size pile because you have to layer them quite a bit. I cut off a few berries that were on there too. 

Start gluing the leaves on! You can lay the leaves out on the frame first to see how you like it, but I think randomly putting them on there makes them look more natural and less "placed".

Glue some more! 

It's something different than a plain ole round wreath that everyone seems to have. You have to make sure to cover the sides so when you look at it from an angle you wont see the frame. But that's why using a brown frame works out great because it doesn't stick out as much as a white or shiny one would. 

I'm going to put some little felt pads on the back corners so the frame wont scratch our door up when the wind blows. I'm happy with the way it turned out. It only took about 30 minutes to make.
I'm thinking I could also weave some of the leafy garland through the bottom of our chandelier. I'm ready for the pumpkin patch!! Last year we bought 4 or 5 pumpkins all together. I'm thinking I may need to invest in some fake ones for indoor use as well. Oh! and mums! 
Hopefully we will find out what our baby's gender is in October (if it cooperates). We will have fun with that announcement, maybe carve it in a pumpkin. haha. 

Oh I love this:

I would make one in a heartbeat if I had fabric for it. I found it on etsy.com

I love going there, typing in "Fall" and looking through everything that I know I could make. Give it a look, be inspired!

I think I've rambled on enough. I would go clean, but everything has been taken over by Russ' note cards and books. I'm NOT touching those lol. 

Love you all!!!!! Smile and thank God for your blessings!


  1. Well daughter of mine, I am counting my blessings each day. Seems like the devil has had fun throwing me all these extra auto expenses this year. I thank the Lord for all the repairs my family have done for me and ask the Lord to block the devil from my life. Another note is thank the Lord for all my blessings. Especially my family, and right now especially Kimber Mae. I am smiling inside with the thoughts of what baby Dykman will be like. Love you

  2. I dreamed last night that I had an ultrasound done while Russ was in the dentists office (weird) and it was a close up of baby D's face. Very cute. Can't believe I have to wait till October to see him/her again!


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