Our visit home

     I love going home to Burkesville. After living in Virginia now for a little over a year, I have realized it is the simplest things about home that I miss the most.

    1. Grass. Yes, Virginia has grass but I have to drive over an hour just to find it like it is back home. (And that's everywhere). I miss the big yards and fields full of nothing but grass!

    2. Being able to go outside without having houses everywhere. I love our neighborhood we live in now, but I walk out my front door and there are at least 12 townhouses right there. Out back is even worse, its street after street. I'm a small town gal, I need my grass and open spaces lol.

    3. Family. This one is a given, I obviously miss my family. Not having to call before you visit or even knocking for that matter. We just walk on in and have a seat. Knowing that there is food on someones stove at any given moment (especially ma's) is a comfort I took for granted for too many years.

    4. Babies!!!!  Kimber Mae might be spoiled but she's got me spoiled too! I think she may even have gotten Russ too after this past week. Seeing her smile and watching her crawl and try to walk is so cute. I took LOTS of pictures of the cutie pie this week, but its nothing like seeing her in person. Isabella, Kennedy, and Abigail and all sweethearts too. Put them all together and its easy to get baby fever.

Here are a few of my favorites 

Kimber was amazed by Russ playing with her toy. Every time he would try to put it down, she would cry! 

I took lots of bath pics. Those eyebrows say alot lol. 

She laughed and squealed the whole time. 

There is the cutie. And proof I need some under-eye help. 

Probably my favorite one out of them all. 

Last but not least:


I love you and wish we could have stayed to celebrate with you! 

     I get another ultrasound tomorrow! Maybe they'll let me have more pictures lol. I'll keep ya'll updated!



  1. Well I can say I was blessed to have a wonderful few days with you Russ and Taylor. Thank you for the Birthday wishes.
    Love you


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