Pintrest project and Pumpkins!!!

Well hello there again! Sorry for my week of absence, thinking back now I can't really remember what all I did this past week to keep me from posting. But then again, I am pregnant and can rarely remember what I did 5 minutes ago.  It happens. 

I hope everyone is enjoying this holiday weekend! We walked around the mall yesterday which was nice because there weren't a lot of people there. I also enjoyed (which is an understatement) a Dulce split Dazzler from Haagen Dazs. It was amazing! Dulce de leche ice cream with bananas whipped cream and hot caramel....yes, Baby Dykman enjoyed it too.  Although he/she probably passed out from the sugar high  not long afterwards. 

Today Russ and I carved pumpkins! Not our official Halloween ones, but more for fun. We love carving pumpkins and roasting pumpkin seeds. Here's a few pics of our carving.

Russ putting some muscle into it. These were big pumpkins!

Me carving my creation..

I do not look pregnant here. Chubby, but not pregnant.

Taylor checking out Russ' pumpkin..

My moose!!! That is supposed to be a moon behind it (just in case you couldn't figure it out).


They look great!!! I'm very proud of how my moose turned out. 

I'm sitting right inside the patio where they're sitting now and have already over heard a few people who were passing by stop and admire them. There's just something about pumpkins people love! 

Now, on to my Pintrest project. If you haven't joined the Pintrest craze, jump on in! It is a virtual storage place where you "pin" things you like onto different categories of "boards" that you set up. You can browse through other's pins and if you find something you like you can repin it and it always has the web address attached so you know where you found it! Kind of like an all in one place for your bookmarks. 

I found this one for kitchen hand towels  there this past week and immediately got to work sewing some up! I'm thinking Christmas presents!!

You start with some kitchen towels (I used shorter ones instead of the standard size).

Some fabric that goes with your towels. (I'll tell you now that this is about the extent of my fabric collection at the moment)

and a pattern for the tops. I found mine from the site from Pintrest which is here

(the Link button isn't cooperating when I try to paste addresses in it so I'm just giving it to you).

Cut out the pattern

and your fabric along with some flannel, I used Warm and Natural cotton and it worked great.

Pin them all together and sew..

Clip the corners and turn it right side out. 

Pleat and sew the top of your towel to measure slightly smaller than the opening of the top piece,

Fold the bottom raw edge of the top in about a 1/2 inch or so and stuff the pleated part of the towel in, pin and sew. ( I went over it twice to make sure it stays), then continue to sew around the entire top.

You can use a button or Velcro to secure the tab part. I used Velcro. 

Then hang your pretties and use! I can see these being even cuter with name's embroidered on them.

Like this maybe?

Cheap and easy! Would be beautiful with Christmas fabric and red or green towels. I think I may even make some Fall inspired ones! 

They really are handy, we've been using the time out of ours. They're especially great because a certain someone has a habit of wiping his hands on towels and taking them into the living room with him. Now they're attached!! Ha! =) 

Hope you enjoyed the pictures and don't be surprised if you see some of these towels under the tree this year!

Love you all and have a great weekend!!!!!!


  1. Well now I can see my next grand child being a sugar addict. I know he/she also is half Russell, so I am saying it takes after its Daddy. :)
    I simply love Russ's pumpkin but you knew I would. When I looked at the moose my first thought was "she was shooting high and to the right!" But lit it is the moon. I can remember making the towels like that and used them for years like that, don't know why I quit making them. But you have put me back on track. Ma still has several she uses. The christmas ones are beautiful too.
    I love you and really miss having you here.
    Love all four of you

  2. Wow, I am so impressed with those towels! Great work! Your pumpkins are so cute together. Happy Halloween! I am a new follower from Too Cute Tuesday. Vicky from

  3. Hey Sis, ur aim is a lil off on ur pumpkin. lol. Course I've seen u shoot too, so not surprised. :) Love ya!!!


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