Things I'm Loving....

Ok, so there will be somethings I don't love in here too, but for the most part it's gonna be about the love!

Russ and I went to the OB clinic yesterday and I had another ultrasound done! My midwife said since my calculated date and what the ultrasound was showing were within a week of each other, that my due date would stay the same. SO! My due date is February 19th, 2012! It is going to be a busy February, that's for sure. Our anniversary is the 14th and Russ' birthday is the 21st. 

Here's the (much larger than before) bambino

This one is a lot blurrier than our last one. But it's amazing to see how much it has grow already!

Love this for sure! 

I saw something today that took me back to when Traces on The Cumberland was still open. 
Rock Candy suckers! I could have spent all my money on beanie babies and rock candy back then.
I still eyeball the big jar of them every time we go to Cracker Barrel. Just thinking about them makes me want to chow down on 1 or 5 of them. I did not know you could make them at home though!!!!!!

(On a side note, watch THIS when you get a chance, all of his videos are hilarious)

Mom's Crafty Space  has a tutorial on how to make them. I'm not sure I could wait a whole week for them to finish though. This has turned into a hunger pain for rock candy suckers, ya'll. I love them, I want them! My mouth screams yes, my teeth shiver in fear. Anyone still need to get me a late birthday present??!?!?! haha. 

What else do I love?....puppy paws. So sweet, furry, pink, black, and white, and smells like leather. Maybe I love my dog too much. Nah. She just has perfect paws I guess. 

I've spent most of today cleaning out my closet. I have a plastic tub full of shirts I can no longer fit into thanks to the D cup brassiere I am now sporting. Once I finished in the closet I moved on to the garage. We still have so much that hasn't been unpacked. I brought in a tub of pictures, consolidated 2 tubs of car cleaning supplies into one, and trashed a few things that should have been trashed before we moved. I'm hoping one day my car will be able to park in there.....but that's wishing for a miracle. Oh well.

Something I'm tired of?


We've eaten chicken too much and still have more to go. Why? Because when we came home from our trip to KY, all we had left in the freezer was chicken. So we have to make due till friday. I do not like touching raw chicken at all. But I cook it anyways.

Anywho...I have pictures to put away and laundry to do. Love you all and hope you have a fabulous day!!!


  1. You just wait and see, this child will hate chicken and it will all be your fault. :)
    But it should be a happy child. Remember your moods carry over, and wouldn't you love to have a happy baby? I remember all the trips I took you and Erin to "Traces" for rock candy and just one more beanie baby...yeah I believed that. Love you.


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