Earthquake, hurricane, and something girly!

Yes, we are alive and well. The earthquake was quite scary though! I had never experienced one before Tuesday and now I'm pretty sure I could react quicker/better if another one happened. 

I had just finished eating a delicious bowl of potato soup in the living room, Taylor was on the stairs sleeping when all of a sudden the WHOLE place started shaking. My first thought was that the washer was out of balance and shaking like crazy. Then it hits me, its an earthquake! I got up and went towards the kitchen trying to get Taylor (poor thing jumped up and didn't know whether to go up stairs or down). Then it just stopped.  

But my heart was racing and I was still shaking! Took me a while to calm down. 

I did manage to get crafty yesterday and redo a lampshade. I love the way it turned out and think it looks very girly. I haven't put it back on the lamp yet, still a little work to do on the back side. But have a look!

This picture is very bright, but in natural light it has a bit of a off white color to it. And! I had everything I needed right here at home!

So, the big question is: "What did you use?" Well I used:

Coffee filters and hot glue! I ended up using probably close to 500 coffee filters. But we had 2 packs of 300 that we weren't going to use (not coffee drinkers). 

I highly recommend separating at least a 100 coffee filters at a time to keep things moving. They get used quickly! 
Stick a marker or highlighter in the center of the bottom like so. 

add hot glue

and stick! The highlighter prevents you from burning your fingers. Now repeat about 500 times! I'm sure you could get 2 people working on this to make it go by quicker. 

You have to put the filters really close together to get a full look, if not they can separate and you can see inside them. Not pretty.

I can picture this on a brightly painted lamp (pink, turquoise, yellow) or even dying the filters first to make a colorful lampshade! Just looking at it you can't tell it's made from coffee filters, looks like fabric or something. Fancy even. 
On a wetter note, anyone have a boat we can borrow? It started raining here this morning and we have chances of rain up until Sunday, which is when the hurricane is supposed to hit! Seriously?! You don't think natural disasters when you think of D.C. but I guess they happen everywhere! I just hope they don't keep us from our Saturday plans. 

Pregnancy update: none really. I go back to the Dr. on the day after Labor Day. I was told to gain 4 lbs by then...hahaha....I've gained a 1/2 lb. I'm eating healthy, taking my vitamins, drinking my 64oz of water a day....I can't help it if I don't gain weight easily. (Although send me back to my freshman year at Western and I'm sure I could. I think that was the most I've ever weighed lol). 

Anyways, Love you all, hope you stay dry, and have a great weekend!!


  1. Yes it was scary! I'm glad you and Taylor are okay and that there was no damage.

    I like the lampshade, we can put it in the living room.

    Love you!

  2. Well let me tell you when you called and that little shaky voice heart dropped, cause I knew something really not good had happened. I am so glad everything was ok with you, Russ and Taylor. Now you have a hurricane comming at you. COME HOME TO KENTUCKY!
    The lamp shade is different and yes girley. I like it but don't see "me" using good coffee filters for anything except my Maxwell House. :)
    When you go back to DR. and haven't gained over a lb, well I won't fuss cause the Dr sure will.
    Now on another note, I love you and miss you.


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