Holiday Weekend

I hope you all enjoyed the long holiday weekend. It is so nice to see American flags outside most of the houses and people spending time with those they love. 

Why can't we do that everyday?!

We had a great weekend, Saturday we got up early and Russ deep cleaned the entire place. Lydia and I watched from the recliner haha. We all kind of relaxed afterwards and enjoyed being together. Last weekend Russ was gone both days (Warrior Dash and working the air show).

Sunday was great, we went to church and tired to stay cool the rest of the day. This heat is crazy! 

Yesterday we had a BBQ! We invited some friends over and grilled hamburgers and brats. I made some delicious potato salad, baked beans, and corn on the cob. We had strawberry pie for dessert! It was all good and no one left hungry! 

Not much leftover either!

We are all doing great here on the home front. Lydia is learning all kinds of things. She has mastered the "grab and put in mouth" now. She loves holding on to things. She smiles so much and we have discovered that she is ticklish! Its so funny to watch her tense up and giggle. 

She didn't have any shorts to wear so I had to take some that were size 9 month and make them 3 month. She is now one cool babe. 

She is sleeping a lot more (yay!) 

And she has been sleeping longer through the night! I'm loving this!

Look at those two....precious. 

I've been re purposing old receiving blankets into burp cloths. Yes, they make huge burp cloths, but they are the best kind in my opinion! I want my whole shoulder covered when there is about to be spit up on the loose. Not just a 4 inch strip...

I think her hair gets redder everyday!

This was from this morning. Still has the bed head look. Everyone who sees her comments on how red her hair is and I just smile cause that's her mama's genes coming out in her!

She loves riding frontwards in her carrier now too! She gets to see the world and "oohs" and "aahs" at it. 

I ordered a quilt kit in the mail from Downy's Quilts for Kids. I received it in the mail Friday. It is precut fabric pieces and instructions on how to sew them. You just sew it and mail it back and they give them to sick children in the hospital. It was free, so this will give me something to do if I find myself having some spare time. I'll be sure to show pictures of the finished product. 

Have a great week!!!!!

Love you all and God Bless!


  1. I am enjoying all the changes Lydia has brought to our family, I just can't wait till you all come home again. Love the phone chats with you and Lydia, if anyone every has the misfourtune to listen in they will know we are up to no good. why else would anyone spend hours on the phone making cow, pig, dog, cooing and ect sounds? Record it and you might get me commited.
    So child of mine I want to say thank you for sharing your child with me. Love you


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