Bring on the sunshine!

I will start off by saying I'm very thankful for the rain we have been getting lately. I know the gardens are being planted and rain is needed to help get them up and going. However, I'm ready for some

It rained everyday last week except Friday and we've got rain today through Wednesday this week! I need some vitamin D. I think Taylor is tired of being cooped up as well. She dislikes the rain very much. 

Lydia is growing too fast! She is currently sitting in my lap being entertained by the keyboard sounds and the bookshelf that is full of interesting things. 

She is smiling more everyday and likes to "ooh" and "Ahh". She is finally growing out of her newborn clothes. But some of her 0-3m are still too big. 

She's quite the character. Some days she sleeps all the time, others (like today) she is too busy exploring. This morning I turned Pandora radio on our TV, brought up the 60's music station and we danced in the living room to Sugar Sugar and Little Bitty Pretty One. Some days you have to make your own sunshine!

Mother's Day was a good one. I got flowers from Russell. 

We had a great church service. We didn't go out to eat because we knew there would be crowds everywhere. We will do that some other day. 

She loves hats! And now recognizes my phone when I start taking pictures. 

I found some pictures of Kimber Mae that I took while we were home last month. I had forgotten about them last time.

She is growing way too fast as well!

 Loves to slide and walk in the grass barefooted. Which is how I hope she stays. I can't remember many days where we wore shoes outside. 

She still says "Ohhhhh" when she sees Lydia's pictures. 

This was took the other day, we were being silly. 

And this one

I can't decide which is funnier. I love our precious girl!

Not much going on around here other than cleaning, laundry, and keeping this baby girl smiling. I did finish making Russ' Father's Day gifts. Now I just have to wait till it gets here! 

I love you all and hope you get plenty of rain and sunshine!


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