Back again!

Sorry for the lack of posting once again!

We have had a busy past couple of weeks and I'm rarely sitting down at our computer for more than 2 minutes anymore! 

We spent the past 2 weeks at home in KY! It was a much needed break for us all. Usually we only get to stay for 1 week, so we end up feeling rushed and don't get to relax. But 2 weeks did the trick. Everyone loved seeing Lydia and were suprised at how big she is already. Everyone says she looks like a good blend of both Russell and I. Which is good considering she is our child! =)

Enjoying being in KY. 
She actually slept for 7-8 hrs each night we were there! Now she is back to 5-6, which I'm still very thankful for! I'm not sure I could do the whole being sleep deprived thing for long. Russ and I remind each other daily how blessed we are to have a good baby. She only cries when she's hungry, wet, or tired.

Russ went Turkey hunting while we were home. He got a nice bird during the first week. Which was good because I think waking up at 4:30 in the mornings on his vacation was getting to him. 

Kimber had a great time visiting with "Lydi". She loved on her every chance she could.

Its hard getting a good picture with 2 wiggle worms lol.

Yesterday was Lydia's 2 month checkup. She will be 10 wks old tomorrow, so we were a little behind on this appointment due to traveling. She is 10.5 lbs and 23 inches long. Her pediatrician said her slow weight gain was probably due to us both being slimmer sized people. 

Her before her Appt.

As most of you know, babies get shots at their 2 mo. appointments. 


Russ and I both had tears in our eyes hearing and watching her scream. I held her the entire time and feeling her flench and scream each time broke my heart. She stopped crying after 2 or 3 minutes then feel asleep as soon as we got back in the car. She was pretty fussy all evening after that. And Had a temp of 100 all night. But she seems to be in good spirits today. She has done lots of smiling. 

Showing off her Snoopy bandaid. We already ditched the other 2 band aids. This one seems to be putting up a fight. And I'm not about to rip it off and make her cry again lol. 

Things are slowly getting back into a routine. Taylor got to play with her best doggie friend Duncan yesterday. It was 85 degrees out, so she didn't make it long. We take her collar off while she is inside now, because the jingling of her tags wakes Lydia up. Now Taylor is so quiet and sneaky! We lose track of her some times. I had to hunt her down this morning. 

The pool opens up in 3 weeks! Seems like it was still winter just last week! Time is flying by. 


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