Tuesday's Ten...

Today I'm showing you 10 random things I love that are in my home. Why?...

Why not?! 

I'm working on making the Mummy door hanger that I put in my last post. I'll show you that when it gets finished. 

In baby news, we have movement!!!! I've been waiting to feel the "fluttering" feeling that everyone says I'd feel first, but instead I get "pokes" which I'm convinced are kicks. It literally feels like someone has their finger inside my belly poking me from the inside. I've felt this several times and love each one <3. 

Now here's 10 things I promised you.

10. My fall table setting.

These place mats get me in the mood for Fall quicker than anything else. 

9. Children's book

One of Russ' chaplains gave this to us yesterday because they read it to their kids when they were little. (Chaplains have to be the best people  to work for!) 

8. Turkey turkey

He's cute, I love him, and he greets you when you walk in. 

7. Pillows

We have lots of pillows floating around. This is one of my favorite ones. 

6. This table

There are so many things I love on this table! The wood burned plate my grandmother made for me and the swan sugar bowl she also gave me. The wood rolling pin carved with dogwood flowers that mom gave me for my birthday and the old chevy piece that came from a good hunting spot. BUT!! look at the color on those lilies! They just POP! Russ knows I love lilies. 

5. Our lazy dog...

She's been like that since 9 AM. She only moved when I came upstairs, now she's investigating everything. 

4. My small piece of the beach...

 I can't wait to go back. 

3. Home Blessings

I got this from a dear friend before leaving KY. Reading it makes me smile.

2. This sign..

We got this at a craft show along with Taylor's toy box.  Would be so easy to make. 

1. The thing I love most:

is that no matter where we move to in our journey through life, it's not the things that make a house our home, but the love we have for those who come inside. 

And that the homes we have here are nothing in comparison to the amazing home God has ready for us.

Hope you're having a great day!!!! So happy to see the rain gone! It's is supposed to be in the low 60's here this weekend which means Fall is here! 

Love you all.

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  1. Makes me feel warm to see all your keepsakes. I had to call Ma and tell her about your pictures. I knew it would please her to know you still treasure the plate and especially the swan sugar bowl. Pa laughed when I told him about the "Chevrolet" you still have. They both love you dearly. I like all the pics of your collectibles, But of the pics "Taylor" is my favorite. I smile really big when you tell me about the little foot or hand that is letting you know Momma I am here. I will be happy when Russell gets his first little kick. Hold those moments close.
    I love you child of mine, and May God keep you and your family in his care.
    Love you

  2. Great post!. We had the same theme - how cool :)

  3. You have so many pretty things and great memory things. That table setting really gets me in the moof for Fall!!


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