Be careful what you wish for...and a recipe!

So it's been raining like nobody's business here lately. Since Monday evening really, and I'm not sure it's going to stop anytime soon. Add sinus problems for me and you've got my week summed up. I started off stuffed up and couldn't breathe out of my nose at all, then last night I said to my mom, "I wish it would start draining instead." well...I've already used a whole roll of tissue this morning. I know, lovely post today lol.

Russ and I have been invited to the Kennedy Center's 10 year anniversary of Sept. 11th event tonight. It will be nice to be able to dress up for something again. I'll make sure to get a few pictures of us.

Speaking of Russ, heres 2 pictures of him and Taylor being silly together. 

Taylor crawled inside his shirt and was licking him...

It was pretty funny because she wouldn't stop! They would have ripped the shirt if she kept crawling through. 

So here was her payback. lol. Such a ham! 
Oh and we bought our first pack of diapers last weekend! 
We went with Luv's for no particular reason except they were $6 cheaper than the other brands. 

I'm either 17 or 18 weeks today. 17 if you go by the doctor, 18 if you go by me! I had an appointment Tuesday and got to hear the heartbeat (no ultrasound this time). It was in the 130's. Then she measured my belly and its almost even with my belly button now! Growing, growing, growing!

Oh, I have found my next project to make for Halloween! I found it on . I love getting on there and browsing the DIY section. All the pictures have a link to them so you know where to find the how to's of it all. This one came from here (my link button isn't working).

How cute is he?!!? Very simple, just make a doll, sew and stuff. Then wrap strips of muslin around him. Add eyes and a few other details, then voila! 

Now for my fool proof go-to recipe for Banana nut (or nut-less) bread.

I wish I had a finished picture to show you, but as soon as it came out of the pan, half of it was already gone! Russ loves this bread! 

You only need a few things:

1 stick butter, melted
1 1/2 C sugar
2 eggs
1 C mashed bananas
2 T milk
1t vanilla
2 C self rising flour
1/2 C pecans

 What a better holder, than bananas?! 

First, cream your sugar and butter

Add your eggs one at a time, (although I've never seen anyone crack 2 eggs at once lol)

Let this continue to mix while you mash your bananas

These bananas were VERY ripe. Not the ones in the recipe card picture. They were almost solid brown. 

Add these to the mixing bowl along with the milk, vanilla, nuts (if you're using them) and add the flour slowly! Unless you enjoy cleaning flour off of every surface in your kitchen. 

Pour that yummy goodness in a greased loaf pan (metal or glass) and bake on 325 for 65-75 minutes! 

It really is the best! Russ loves eating it warm with butter spread over it. Mmmm. There might be a slice or 2 left for me today. I'll have to go check. 

Hope you all are staying dry and getting ready for another weekend! Seems like they go by too fast. 
And if you got some old bananas that the sour gnats are getting after, make some bread! You wont regret it! 

Love you all!!


  1. I think Taylor won that battle, I see the prize was a new pair of sox and they fit well. :)
    I could almost smell the banana nut bread as I read you post. YUM YUM.
    I can't wait till Thanksgiving and get to see you all. I but since it will be awhile I am sending you a Momma Hug.
    Love you BUNCHES


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