Happy Birthday to ME!!

It's my birthday!!! 

I have a delicious Oreo Delight in the fridge, a bowl full of eggs waiting to become deviled eggs, and friends coming over this evening to help me celebrate! No, this is not the only food that will be served, just the ones I'm looking forward to the most haha.

Never had Oreo Delight?! Well, grab your pen and paper and write this one down, it is for sure a winner!

     First off, I discovered this recipe on The Southern Bite, a site where a wonderful man named Stacey brings back good, southern, comfort food to us folks who can't remember how mama or grandma used to make it. So, all props go to him for this one. 

Here is what you need:

As you can see, I don't discriminate against the store brand. 

1 pkg Oreos (or chocolate sandwich cookies if your getting the store brand)

1 8oz pkg cream cheese ( I was trying to be healthier and got 1/3 less fat, but who am I kidding, once I starting eating this deliciousness, it wont matter)

1 lg pkg of instant chocolate pudding, or 2 small ones since they were cheaper. 
3/4 stick of butter or margarine, melted, which ever your mama raised you on.

16 oz tub of Cool Whip, whipped topping, or whatever your store decides to call it. 

1 C  powdered sugar

2 3/4 C milk (my milk was late for the photo shoot, that's why it's not in there).

Now get your 9x 13 dish out and have it ready. Put your whole package of Oreos in your blender, food chopper, food processor, or ziplock bag if you don't have any of the others and make crumbs out of 'em! 
This is a ninja, best $40 I ever spent. 

Measure out 1 Cup of the oreo crumbs and set aside, you'll need those later. Pour whats left in your dish along with your melted butter. Stir, stir, stir until its all moist and buttery. Then press with your hand(s) into the bottom of your dish to form a crust. 

(please excuse the poor quality of this picture, I had butter on my hands)

Set that aside and get out your mixer. 

Put your cream cheese...

ONLY 1/2 of the Cool Whip...

and powdered sugar and mix until its smooth (or until you get tired of waiting, I'll let you guess which came first for me). 

Then spread that yummy mixture on top of your crust, like so: 

Now, pour your pudding mix(es) in a bowl and add the milk

And stir until it looks like this, or better:

Yum! Chocolate pudding makes me feel like a kid again. 

Now you want to spread the pudding carefully over the cream cheese/cool whip/sugar layer. 

Then, this was the tough part for me, spread the rest of the Cool Whip over this. Mine was still pretty frozen so I had to wait for the lumps to melt a bit so it would spread without mixing my pudding in with it. 

Last but not least, go find that cup of Oreo crumbs you set somewhere earlier and sprinkle the top with them. Put that baby in the fridge and let it set for at least an hour or more and you should have something looking like this:

 Eat until you can't eat anymore (because we used lite Cool Whip and cream cheese, so this thing is practically a healthy dessert, lunch, breakfast, or late night snack). 

I really hope you will try this and love it. It is kind of like a Dirt Pudding, just a different flavor of pudding is used. I can't wait to eat it!!!!!!

And here is a picture I hope you can laugh at, because I do. 

This is me after eating way too much at Hibachi Grill. No, I'm not that far along yet, I just swell up like a polar bear every time I eat. 

Hope you have a great day!!!! Count your blessings and thank God for them all :) 


  1. All I can say is that Sunday or Monday of this week you can get ready to really share this with family, I will have all the ingredients bought in ready for you. Hope you have a wonderful birthday and no you aren't swelled up like a polar bear, matter of fact you look the same as you did at 15....Yeah thats right.
    Love you

  2. Happy birthday!!!! That Oreo dessert looks amazing!!! I love you!! :) You are so cute!


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