Baby goods!

So yesterday Russ and I went to a Budgeting for Baby class up in D.C. It was a great class and makes you realize where exactly your money is going. They gave us worksheets to fill out at home that  help us total our income and expenses (and they don't leave nothing out!) Lots of great info and I recommend that class to anyone who is in the military.

     Our teacher was a stay at home mom of 16 years and she lets you know its possible to live on one income with 4 kids. She had lots of great tips, like shopping at the Commissary is supposed to save you 30% more than shopping anywhere else. It's hard for us to shop there because we have to drive either 30 mins to Ft. Belvoir or get on the 95 S to drive down to Quantico, just to get to one. And we have a great grocery story/ everything you could ever want in a grocery store right across the street from us. We usually by the store brands on most things anyway, so I'm not sure how much we would save. We will give it a try though.

Oh! and the wonderful ladies from the class gave us free baby stuff! We got a reusable grocery bag packed full of Gerber brand things. Here's what we got:

  Bibs and Burp cloths

A hooded towel with wash cloth (ignore my big blue belly in the bottom of the pic)

a super soft thermal blanket

a 5 pack of onesies  and a 3 pack of sleep n plays

 2 crib sheets

a handmade blanket (we got to pick the color). These were handmade by the volunteers that help run the Navy and Marine Corps Relief Society (I think that's right)

And mittens!

Pretty good deal for a free class that was only an hour and a half long! Tomorrow is FINALLY my OB appointment. So I will hopefully find out how far along I am, my due date, and get to see this baby growing inside me! Russ is in for a treat =)  I will definitely update you all tomorrow! I just hope they don't need anymore blood for a while, my poor arm is looking rough and I almost passed out last time in the bathroom while trying to pee in a cup. Whew!

Anywho, see you back here tomorrow!!! 

God Bless and Love you all!


  1. kyturnercats@yahoo.comJuly 21, 2011 at 10:29 PM

    wounderful baby-Tell Russell baby favors him.Love GREAT aunt sue


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