Dog issues...

So I finally broke down and took our pooch to the vet today. I was hesitant only because we have never been to any veterinarian here before. We always take her to our favorite vet when we go home to KY for a visit. Taylor is always a little nervous going into vet's offices ever since her traumatic experience of getting stitches taken out of her feet and belly 2 years ago. It was bad, the vet didn't wait the 7-10 days before he decided to remove them,  poor Taylor had to be muzzled, started coughing up blood, and had a bad reaction to the anesthesia. I'll spare you the other details that went all of the floor and exam table....

So today I asked a friend who I used to dog sit for, where she takes her boxer to. I did a little research on the place and found nothing but good reviews! (Except one, but the lady was mad her puppy's tail wasn't cut off as short as she asked. We weren't going in for surgery, just a eyeball). Off we went! The staff was so nice and friendly! They all stopped and played with Taylor, even the vet! The first thing he did was get down in the floor and start playing with and petting her. Smart people!

Anyways....she's got pinkeye, which I already suspected. He gave her some antibiotic ointment and sent us on our way. I'm not sure how common pinkeye in dogs is, but I hope the Hubs or I don't catch it. She is doing well though, she just looks like she is giving me the stink eye all the time. I tried taking a picture, but she would rather take a bath than get her picture taken.

And if you know this pooch....she does NOT like baths.

God Bless!


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