Spring has sprung!

It's here! Spring has finally sprung!
I am sooo happy for warmer weather and sunnier days, aren't you?!

We have been busy around here, but in a good way. Russell has had this past week off of work, so we have had LOTS of family time. Which would have been great, except we had to spend last Sunday (Easter Sunday) in the ER with Lydia. 

I think she may have had an ear infection but I'm not sure I'm 100% convinced that's what it was. She got some Antibiotic and after 4 hours we finally got to go home. I'm glad she wasn't falling apart or anything because they are slow at getting things done there. We had to go to the desk where the Dr. was sitting and remind her to write a prescription. Uh hello...

But the Saturday before Easter was great. Our community center here hosted an Easter hunt and fun/games for us. Lydia got to meet the Easter bunny! Now, if you remember her encounter with Santa Claus , Lydia and strangers don't mix. So we were expecting the same thing.

Waiting in line...

But she liked him/her!
 She wanted to sit there and pet it's fur and rub it's tongue lol

 So funny. 
So I'm guessing as long as it doesn't have a human face, she is fine going to it.

She got to "hunt" eggs too! 

Such a cutie! She even wore a bow, which she doesn't like to do for very long. 

My Favorite.

We've kind of stayed low key and around the house since her medicine gives her the.... 

well, we've gone through a lot of diapers this week.

But we have been grilling almost every day which is fabulous for Russ and I, but Lydia has been protesting food. As in, she will not open her mouth for food unless she can pick it up and stick it in there herself.  I told Russ she must decide to do things all of a sudden. She gave up her pacifier one day all on her own, and now no more baby food. Which makes it hard for me because I don't know what to give her so she will have a balanced diet. 

She got a new hat! 

While Russ was grilling, I thought she needed some sidewalk chalk to draw on the driveway with, but we didn't have any. So I did the next best thing, I made sidewalk paint!

Just pour some cornstarch in a little bowl, add food coloring, and water! It dries pretty quick and looks and feels like chalk after it dries. She painted Taylor and me too. 

Yesterday we all loaded up and went to Leesylvania State Park since it was so nice out. 

Lydia got to experience a lot of firsts.

Fun in the swing!

But her favorite was the slide =)


She would slide down and then turn right around and try to climb back up again. We had to pry her away. 

We took a stroll down by the water to see what she thought about sand. 

She of course loved it too!

She played in the sand for a good 20 minutes. Just picking it up and letting it fall through her fingers. 

She took a good nap after that. I could have too, but I decided to watch Life of Pi which turned out to be a great movie! I definitely recommend it. Russ even liked it, which he didn't think he would. 

Then we went swimming! 

Lydia got a new floaty last weekend and we were excited to try it out! She was so happy in it and would kick her little legs as hard as she could. She looked liked she was trying to run. She is for sure a water baby. 

I love those two!

We had a nice morning at church today. Sad to think next weekend will be our last Sunday at this congregation. We have really grown to love and appreciate everyone there. Lydia has taken up with a special couple who I think took her up as their honorary grandchild. She loves them both. 

Russ goes back to work tomorrow so I guess it's all back to normal until we pack up and leave. Its all very bittersweet. 

I think my baby girl has woken up so, until next time! 

Love you all!


  1. Child of mine all I can say about this post is that Its Heart Warming. If you know what I mean.
    I love you all


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