Ho ho ho!!!

We chopped down our tree! It took us quite a while to pick the "perfect" one. They all seemed to have a flaw except this one. Well it did but Santa covers it up. 

Russ did the manly part of cutting it down. 

Lydia loves it!

She had her 9 month appointment and as I said last time, they complained about her weight. She weighs 15lbs and is 27.5 inches long now. She didn't gain a full pound since last time, but she's perfect to us. We did get sent to the nutritionist and we have to go back in January. They told us to up the BFing (which I thought was funny since the doctor tried to get us to supplement with formula) and try giving her things with more calcium and protein. 
 We made some sugar cookies last week. We had good intentions of icing them and making them look all festive and such. But Russ and I ate all of them before we got that far. 

Russ got in the festive mood and wanted to open one of our gifts each. I received a beautiful blanket with pictures of Lydia on it. Russ got a Tennessee Titans blanket ( I don't know how we thought to get each other blankets haha) and Lydia received a top that spins. Watching her open a gift was funny. She tore a hole in the paper, looked in, and stuck her hand in the hole to play with it. We had to show her she had to finish unwrapping it. I had a video to put on here but it is not working. Go figure.

Today we went to see Santa Clause!! Very exciting until Lydia actually saw Santa. We walked up to him and she started crying immediately. So we tried to warm up to him, no luck. So after she stopped crying I backed up to Santa, plopped her in his lap and moved for the picture. It's classic is all I can say.

I get tickled every time I look at this picture. Hopefully she will too when she looks back on it in later years. 

hahaha. I love it! 

She loves the toy she got to open early. She plays and plays with it. She also loves books, especially the touch and feel books. She has one with Santa in it, I'm hoping she isn't scared now that she's met one in person. 

One of her many Christmas outfits. 

I love it when she sleeps like this. She is still so small and her little rump is cute. =)

Can't forget Taylor! 

Aren't they just the best!?!

We will be heading to Georgia for Christmas next weekend to see Russ' family. Then we will be going to Kentucky the day after Christmas to stay for a little while. Lydia hasn't met much of Russ' family, so it will be a good time seeing her with them. I'm kind of sad that its almost Christmas already. I feel like holidays come and go so quickly now. I want to keep my tree up as long as possible. It will be odd to write/type 2013 on everything too! I still mess up when writing 2012. I guess I have a bad case of mommy brain. 

I hope you all have a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year if I don't post before then! Maybe I will see you before the new year!

Love you all!

Sorry, I had to! haha


  1. All I can say Daughter of mine, is that I love it. You and Russell make such good parents. I love you all, and am looking forward to seeing you soon. And for Lydia all I can say is Bless Her Heart!
    Love you


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