Lydia visits D.C.

This past weekend was sooo nice! 

I hope it was for you all too. We had temperatures in the 60's which made it perfect for walking around D.C. and doing a little more sight seeing before we leave this place.

We ended up driving into D.C. because we did not want to ride the Metro (it's just so dirty and I haven't  ridden it since Lydia was born). We got great parking so I can't complain about the traffic we sat through to get it :)

We walked around the cement pond (name that show) in front of the Capital Building. 

It really was the perfect day.

Lydia got to see some birds!

She was already tired and cranky lol.

Russ tried to feed them.

We got a little closer to the building. There were lots of people out that day so it was kind of hectic weaving around all the picture takers.

I think Lydia's favorite part was when we let her play in the grass. She LOVES grass, but there isn't any around here that hasn't been peed or poo-ed on by some four legged creature.

I like this one :)

Russ decided to take a break too. We were working up a sweat walking around.

cutie pie! 

We walked around some more after this and then Lydia decided she was hungry, so she got her first meal in D.C. on a park bench (if you catch my drift). After that she was sound asleep.

So we kept walking and found the White House.

Mr. President wasn't outside. 

We drove back home and stopped for supper in Occoquan at a seafood place on the river. Then we had dessert at Bluberi (frozen yogurt). Lydia had her very own cupful of strawberry, yum!

It was a great day out for the Dykman's. I still want to visit the Treasury and see where they make money, and maybe visit the Zoo or Aquarium before we leave. I know Lydia will have fun there =).

Love you all and God Bless!!!


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