Well February's month of events is finally over for us. 
Russ and I had a great Anniversary. We went out to dinner at a new Italian restaurant called Travinia. We made reservations a few days prior and I'm glad we did! They were only serving those who made reservations but the bar seating was open. It made it much more quiet and romantic not having crowds of people waiting and staring. Although with Lydia squealing and jabbering, I'm sure it killed the mood for some..oops? 

We are used to her tagging along for dinner so it doesn't bother us. Russ had the day off work because he wasn't feeling well. But we went and walked around the mall and did a little shopping anyway. 

We definitely ate way too much, but it all sounded so good! We had Italian nachos as an appetizer. Warm tortilla chips smothered with mozzarella cheese, olives, peppers, sausage, and Parmesan cheese. Yumm. I had a delicious pine nut crusted salmon and Russ had some kind of pasta filled with different sea creatures. haha, I know I saw calamari in there. Then we did ourselves in and ordered dessert. We wanted to share one but we both wanted something different. I some sort of hot apple pie crumble with ice cream, Russ had tirimisu. 

Russell's birthday was great too! I wanted to surprise him and come to his office. But it takes a little more planning and help from his co-workers to get into the Pentagon. We did go, but he knew about it. I made him this awesome cake!

I made a flag to go beside the hole after I had taken the picture. It was devil's food cake with mint chocolate frosting. I'm so glad that the frosting didn't turn any one's teeth green. I had to put a bottle and a half of green food coloring to get it green enough. He loved it and was surprised how good it turned out (like he should doubt my baking and decorating skills, haha). 

He got to come home early from work. Then I made his mom's recipe for chicken curry, oh my was it delicious! The more South African recipes I make, the more I fall in love with that place. It had a good "kick" to it though since I accidentally put 3 tablespoons of curry powder instead of 3 teaspoons. Still amazing. 

He was also very happy with his Tennessee Titans football jersey. 

 Lydia's big day was a success!  Have I mentioned how I can't believe she is already one? She truly acted like a one year old and didn't nap all day that day...can you say grumpy?!

 We had lots of friends over and it was so cute seeing the little ones together.

She did not want to touch her cake though! I was kind of disappointed because she loves getting her hands dirty, so I figured she'd go for it.

This was right before the tears started.

But presents made it all better!

Lots of books! Yay!

And fun toys!

This is the sign I ordered for $2, It looked great!

Ducks everywhere =)

This was her present from Granny (Mom), she absolutely loves it. 

Going for a cruise.

We went to the doctors last week. She gained a whole pound lol. In three months might I add. We got the same speech we always get, but it is our last doctor's visit while we are here. We are moving next month!!! To Virginia Beach!

Other than that everything has been pretty quiet around here. We are trying to get Lydia signed up to go Easter egg hunting at the White House!! How fun would that be?! We went and walked around D.C. today. It was so nice outside, in the 60's! I'm ready for spring!!! I'll post again with more of those pics.

I've got Lydia pulling at my shirt tail so I've gotta go! Love you all!!!


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