T'was 3 days before Christmas...

Yes, I know that Christmas is long gone now but I just had to share our experience at an overnight stay we had in South Carolina. First, I apologize for the lack of photos in this first part. I didn't want to contaminate my camera in this place.

So Russ and I had to drive 12 hours to Georgia for Christmas this year. We drove almost halfway through SouthCarolina before we decided we had to stop for the night. It was late and Lydia was tired. So we stopped at a motel6. I know this is no 5 star hotel or anything, but our previous stays here have been great with spacious rooms, wood floors, clean bathrooms, and fairly updated. That was not the case this time around though.

I got the creeps just from looking at the outside while Russ went in to check for a room. I was secretly praying that there weren't any, but from the lack of cars I knew my fate. We got our key and went to our room. As soon as we opened the door, all I could think was "are you serious?!" It smelled like a 1970s dirty movie, the first bed (which will now be referred to as Russ' bed) was right at the door and the other bed (my bed) wasn't much farther.

I sat my things on the desk/ dresser which had exposed screws from many repairs. The tv, (hey it had tv!) was the exact model my mom got me and my sister one year for Christmas, I believe that was 1997 or 98.  I went over to the bed and sitting on the nightstand was an ashtray turned upside down with a no smoking sticker on it. I think someone was confused here. The comforter on my bed had approximately 20 cigarette burn holes in it. Oh joy...

My bed cover also had static, which wouldn't be bad except every step Taylor took on the bed, she had sparks under her feet! I had never seen such. Russ' bed cover had a huuuuuge yellow stain on it. I was happy all I had was static and holes. We went to brush our teeth and I had no choice but to laugh at this point. There was a bottle opener mounted to the front of the sink! Of course I felt like I could use a drink at this point. 

We made it through the night without finding any infestations or anything else terrible. But....the highlight of this stay was when I went to go shower. There was no shower head, just a pipe sticking out of the wall. We left shortly after that. 

So, if you're ever driving through South Carolina, skip the motels, treat yourself to something better, or stop and get coffee and drive the rest of the way! 

We made it to GA and had a great Christmas with the Dykman side of the family. 

The whole gang.

These are a few from our little Christmas here.
Russ with his helmet I got him.
Thats one excited lil gal!


We then headed up to home sweet home Kentucky and spent a great week and half there. 
Kimber Mae and Lydia had the best time together. Lydia did much better allowing others to hold her. No teeth yet but I suspect any day now I will see them popping through.

It was frosty in KY!

I love this!

Russ was proud of his beard after 2 weeks. He hated to shave it.

We are going car shopping this weekend, wish us luck! Then we are going out to celebrate a friend's birthday. The weather is supposed to be in the mid to upper 60's this weekend! The Dykman's will NOT be indoors all weekend! I love you all and hope you enjoyed the pictures and story. Lydia and I are going to get our flu shots today.

Love you all!!!


  1. Momma has warned you about staying in strange motels...Now you know why. I love the pics. but Russell looks funny with the turkey fan behind his head. Thought the Indian or something was coming out in him. Love you and miss you all.


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