Happy 11 months!

Lydia is officially 11 months old today! You know what that means....

my baby is almost a year old. 

It just doesn't seem right! I mean, wasn't it just yesterday I was swaddling her in blankets, putting little beanies on her head, and mittens on her tiny hands so she wouldn't scratch her face?

(Lydia 2 days new)


Well I guess I have a party to plan then! We are going to have a Rubber Ducky themed 1st birthday complete with a 3D rubber duck smash cake. We found a 3D cake pan at Joann's fabric and craft store last week. I need to do a test run on it to make sure it is really going to work.

I ordered little rubber duck cupcake toppers from Amazon, bought some pink and yellow paper to attempt to make a cute sign for the front door, and a ducky iron on applique to make her a "I am one" shirt with. 

I should probably get busy with this stuff. Next month is a busy month! We have our wedding anniversary on the 14th! 4 years and counting....

How time flies!!

Russ' birthday is on the 21st, he is turning 28!! He can't believe he is getting so close to 30. He was 20 and I was barely 17 when we started dating.  Oh me..

 Then Miss Lydia's birthday is the 23rd! I am still going to plan something for Russ' birthday so he doesn't feel left out lol. Maybe I can recreate this cake I found online

That's an awful lot of grass to pipe though. Why not though, for my one and only.

 As I promised, here are some beautiful photos we had made by Ameroy -Dot Photography

  Love that face!


This is one of my most favorites

This one too!

We have a big canvas print coming soon, I can't wait to hang it up somewhere. I really want to get a lot of them framed and hung. I have to get them ordered first. Anyone know where to get really nice pictures developed? 

I took Lydia to a Baby and Me group at Quantico yesterday. There was only a handful of moms/dads and babies there. Lydia decided she wanted to be in the middle of it all though. She was squealing, playing, and showing off like a cutie. I really enjoy going, it is nice to talk to other first time moms and get the reassurance that you are doing things right. 

It is Lydia's nap time and I think I smell something suspicious....

So I hope you all have a wonderful week and don't get too much snow (unless you want it, I say bring it on!). Oh, and hopefully I'll get around to changing my header again, I know it is no longer 2012 :)  
Love you all!


  1. Well now that golf cake would be awesome, can't wait till the birthday gets here and just wish I could share it with her. As usual I love the pics. Hoping you get your snow, and no I don't want any!
    Love you all


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