We survived hurricane Sandy!

We made it through just fine! It was just a lot of rain and wind here. Although the wind did get pretty hairy last night night, for the most part we slept through it all. We never lost power either. 
Makes me glad our lines are underground! 

Russ did get 2 days off of work though! Yay for that. I don't think driving his motorcycle in this would have been smart. 

We have haven't been too busy lately. We did go to a Fall get together with some of Russ' co workers Saturday evening. It was nice, we had chili, a pumpkin carving contest, made smores by the fire, and had hot apple cider. yum. Lydia played with a piece of pumpkin and crawled around on the grass. 

I went toy shopping last week and ended up buying Lydia a new piano, a shape sorter, and some wooden blocks. 

I don't think she has a favorite toy, but she loves knocking down the wood blocks after you build something. I think Russ and I play with them more than she does lol. 

We did go pumpkin picking! Lydia loved it. She would get so excited and start kicking her legs and feet while we were walking through the patch. 

We are coming home to KY in 2 weeks!! I am not looking forward to the drive, but I'll be glad to be home again. The Cary reunion is the weekend we come home and we are excited that we get to go. It will be fun seeing all the babies and cousins. 

Its crazy to think it is already November! Christmas is just around the corner! Crazy to think, but it will be a fun Christmas with Lydia. I have a feeling she will be good at unwrapping presents. 


Her and Taylor continue to grow more attached to each other. I can ask Lydia where her puppy dog is and she will start looking for Taylor. 

I'm glad the snow missed us after the big storm, but it sure is cold enough outside. We finally turned our heat on this morning. It was 68 inside, but it felt much cooler! 

Well I just wanted to update everyone and let you know we survived. Pray for those who the storm hit worse. Love you all and see some of you soon! =)


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