Cold weather

Is it just me or did it go from summer straight to winter weather? 

It was freezing here this past weekend. We had plans to go up to D.C. and sight see a little bit on Monday, but the highs were only in the low 50's so we chickened out and stayed home. I mean, I have an excuse to back out of things now, she's a pretty good one too. 

So if i were to tell you that she is my excuse for not updating you all sooner, you'd completely forgive me, right?

I thought so! I'm glad we are clearing this up. haha

Lydia did go to the doctor a few weeks ago. She gained her normal 2 lbs. and grew an inch. So she is now about 15lbs. and 26 1/4 inches and is 7 months old now! Doctor thinks she is still on the small side, but we keep trying to explain to them that we (Russell and I) are not big people, so we don't expect to have an chubby baby. She is healthy and that's all that matters.

She did have to have x-rays on her hips since they have been popping a lot. They came back clear thank the Lord. But I still worry about her little hips popping. 

I think I may have figured out our Halloween costumes for this year. I was going to dress Lydia up as Raggedy Ann, but I'm having trouble getting her dress. Sooo, I changed my mind and decided to dress us all up! I'm thinking....Popeye, Olive Oyl, and Sweet Pea!! Wouldn't that be cute! Russell already has everything he would need for Popeye, except the corn cob pipe. I'm pretty good for Olive Oyl, I just need a red shirt. And Lydia will be the cutest Sweet Pea ever! Oh I can't wait. 

If that doesn't work I'll just put some brown pants on her and her coat and she'll be a little bear.
We have since added a bow to one of the ears of the coat to make it known she is a girl. lol

She is learning so much nowadays. You can ask where her puppy dog is and she looks at Taylor. She "dances" now with or without music! And she loves to splash! Yes, in the dog's water bowl too.

I found this leapfrog table on the online yard sale for $12. It has already paid for itself many times over.She loves it.

We have to put pillows behind her now when she is playing with it because she tends to let go and fall straight back.

She is eating much better these days. She loves bananas now, as well as green beans, carrots, applesauce, and peas. We are still experimenting with foods. We have tried mashed potatoes, but she doesn't like them as much. We will get her there!

At night when she wakes up she will crawl in the bed with me. Its cute except when I wake up and shes right there sleeping away. Kind of scary not knowing when she gets in the bed with us, but its only happened once. In the mornings she crawls in and on top of my belly.

And then we sleep for another hour. =)

Taylor loves her now. She has to come lay beside her in the mornings.

And then this happens

We went shopping the other day and got her some cute fall clothes. And we had to get this dress since it was only $2!

We have also been practicing using a sippy cup. So far so good.

Well it has taken me 2 days to write all this and before I get too busy again I am going to say see you later!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! We are going to VA beach tomorrow and Friday. Then Russ' brother is coming up here for the weekend. Pumpkin picking here we come!!!

Love you all!


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