Going camping!

Why not?! 

I know a lot of people wouldn't dare take their babies camping until at least 1 year old,
but we are going!

Miss Lydia loves being outdoors anyway, so why not surround her in it and see how it goes. We will only be about 5-10 miles from home so if things go bad, we can just come on home. 

This past Christmas I got Russ a bunch of camping gear including a tent, air mattress, air pump, and a few other small things because he always talks about how much he wants to go camping. So now we are finally going to use it all. Yesterday we had to go buy 2 tent fans to make sure we all stay nice and cool (especially Lydia) on our trip. 

Needless to say we are all pretty excited about it. 

I just hope Taylor sleeps. 

We made our trip home to KY safe and sound. We didn't want to come back to VA but it was sure nice sleeping in our bed though. Russ already has plans of what kind of house and farm animals he wants when we finally move back to Ky. 

Kimber was in love with Lydia. She had to know where she was at constantly. 

But then at the same time, she wanted nothing to do with her. 

Lydia got to explore the great outdoors and what country living is like. Here, we have no place for her to lay outside on a blanket since our trees are puny and there is no shade.  But the backyard at mom's was perfect.

She was very excited to get to touch the grass. Every time we would let her stand in it, she would bend over and start pulling it up. 

She got to meet Callie-Sue's horse and she saw lots of chickens. (No pictures of that though). 

Taylor got to play with the water hose (her favorite thing!) and even got Russ a bit wet haha.

Lydia also got her first sink bath at granny's.  She loved playing with the faucet.

Since our trip back to VA Lydia has started really teething. And she has become quite the little chunk if I do say so. I weighed her today and she is up to 14lbs. She will officially be 6 months old tomorrow.

We had to take the bassinet part out of her pack n play because she was on top of her diaper caddy and ready to crawl on out. So now she is in the bottom and not liking too much. She is crawling like a professional now. Her poor little knees are red and callused. 

I will definitely take the camera camping with us and get lots of pictures. 

Love you all!



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