August already?!

Where has this summer gone?!

All I see are back to school advertisements and swim suits going on sale for CHEAP lately. Seriously, June and July up and vanished like a....well, fart in the wind, according to Russell. haha

Russ has healed from his surgery very well. He is back to swimming and pretty much his old self again. 

Last week was my birthday!! I had a great 24th birthday (I like saying I'm 24, makes me feel young). So what does a young gal get for her 24th birthday? Well...this!

A sewing/ embroidery machine! 
I'm pretty excited about it and can't wait to start using it. It is not Mac compatible (go figure) so I have to wait until we buy a new power cord for our laptop. 

Russ, Lydia, and I went out to eat at Smokey Bones for my birthday.

Sorry for the blurriness. They gave me a HUGE piece of chocolate cake!

 But it was delicious! 

Baby girl is growing so fast! She is mobile! I'm not sure is you could call it crawling yet, but she definitely gets around now. She is 5 months old now and making all kinds of squeals and sounds. 

Video is dark, but you can hear her.

Not sleeping in her swaddle anymore either! Nope, she is a tummy sleeper now unless she is sleeping with me. 

We love daisies!

Just look at that cutie!
 So we have been trying to take a picture of her on her monthly birthdays so when she turns one we can look at how she changed over the year, but this months was a little....different?

Oh she will hate this someday haha. 

 Taylor is being more and more tolerant of Lydia grabbing her feet. Every now and then she will go over to Lydia and give her a good lick or 2. 

We are coming home to KY this weekend and staying for a week!!! We are all  excited and ready to relax! So if you're in the neighborhood, stop at mom's and see us!

I am cooking Beaufort Stew or a Low Country Boil tonight for some friends and I am pretty excited! Red potatoes, corn on the cob, smoked beef sausage, and shrimp...yum! Oh and an Oreo Delight for dessert! I hope everyone has room for dessert though. This is a lot of food! Hope my stock pot holds it all. 

Well I've gotta go clean up a bit. Love you all!


  1. Well I just loved that video! Makes Grandma smile all over. Now I will side with her on the naked pic. but I have one of you in the tub looking the same. So looking forward to you alls visit. See you Saturday.
    Love Momma


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