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Nothing much! Our beautiful baby girl is still growing, she is officially one month old now.

The weather last week was pretty amazing, high 70s and low 80s. I wish I could say the same about this week, we're under a frost advisory for tonight! But at least it's sunny.

I've been busy making a tricycle diaper cake for a friend at church who is expecting. The how to is at the end of this post, so keep reading! :)

It's missing some things right now, so don't judge it just yet.

I also made a "my first Easter" onesie for Lydia today. Could have bought one, but why would we do that?! Lol. 

She is still wearing newborn size clothes, which we didn't receive many of, but we're making due. She weighed 9 lbs last time I weighed her, she is just long and skinny except for those chubby cheeks (which I can't stop kissing!) she has been more vocal lately, in a good way. Lots of cooing and talking to Mr. duck that sits in her playpen.

Russ and I are still learning a lot about being parents, but I'm pretty sure that's an ongoing thing for the next 20 or more years. Russ is enjoying being in the kitchen more ( I think lol). I'm teaching him how to cook more. Last night we had homemade hamburger steaks with mashed potatoes, green beans and brown gravy. It was all very yummy and simple. Which is how most of our meals are. He has even started planning out our meals for the week, so we don't get stuck trying to figure out what we are having.

Ok, now for the how to on the diaper tricycle.

You'll need:

50 diapers ( I used newborn size)
Rubber bands
2 receiving blankets
1 burp cloth
1 bottle
1 pair of baby socks
ribbon (in a matching color scheme as your blankets and burp cloth. )

Also, something round to assemble the diapers in. I used a spring form pan for the bigger "tire" and a smaller  baking dish for the back tires.

First, take 20 diapers and lay them in an overlapping fashion inside the bigger pan. 

Then take a rubber band or 2 and wrap it around the outside of the diapers. ( You have to kind of poke it down inside the pan.)

Repeat using the smaller pan/dish and only use 15 diapers for both the smaller ones. 

Then you cant carefully slide that tire out.

Then take one of the receiving blankets and fold it almost in half. Then place a piece of yarn or string on top. Then roll the blanket up starting from the end with your yarn. 
Good thing my toes were painted lol

Once its rolled up, thread it through both smaller tires and crisscross the string through the bigger tire. 

Pull the string and tie it inside or on top of the big tire. 

 Should look like this. 

Now is a good time to cover the rubber bands on the tires with your ribbon. I don't have ribbon at the moment so I don't have a picture of that step. 

Then take a burp cloth and drape it over the front tire like so. This will be the fender over the front tire and seat on the tricycle.

Now roll up the other receiving blanket (no yarn needed this time). Thread it through the big front tire. You may have to hold the diapers or rearrange them, they will start moving around. Get the blanket even on both sides of the tire and bring them up on top of the tire and place a rubber band over them. 

 This is what you will have so far. (plus your ribbon).

take the pair of socks and place one sock over the end of each handle bar. This makes hand grips. 

Stick the bottle underneath the rubber band on the handle bars (on top of the burp cloth). This makes the headlight. 

 Lastly, take a piece of ribbon and make a bow to cover the rubber band above the bottle. This will give it a finished look. You can add a stuffed animal to "ride" the tricycle, add curly ribbon to the handle grips, or dress it up however you want. you should put the tricycle on something sturdy to move it from place to place, since it is not sturdy on its own when you pick it up.

Hope you enjoyed that and make one for your next baby shower! Feel free to ask questions. 

 Have a great day!!!!
 (I know, she's so darn cute!) 


  1. Well I just love the pics, especially the one of her smiling. The diaper cycle is too cute. I just can't wait to see you all again in a few weeks. Tell Russell that these visits really need to be monthly now. Missin u all.


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