The waiting game...

So we're just waiting for Baby Dykman to make her move and decide that she's ready to come into this big world. I'm starting to get those bittersweet feelings about it. 

I love being pregnant.
It's a wonderful, amazing, blessing that is hard to put into words. Right now I know she is safe, I can protect her, and feel her kicks.
At the same time, I'm ready to see her face, fingers, toes, and funny expressions.

Plus, I'm ready to wear clothes that don't say "Maternity" on them for a while. 

Russ and I had our pictures taken by Mamaratzy Photography on Saturday. Amazing job! We won the Military giveaway and she wanted to do maternity pictures for us, which seemed appropriate. She came to our home, set up her equipment, and started taking pictures. Even Taylor got in on the action. We are waiting for a CD with the pictures on it in the mail. But! She did edit a few and put on her Facebook page. 

Here's a sneak peak at some she did.

I really like this one:

And this one!

She did a great job editing them. Russell was actually holding the flag behind me (I was fully clothed lol). She she managed to take out his hand. 

I can't wait to see the rest of them. I know they will be just as beautiful as these. I think having her in our home made us feel more comfortable. I will definitely be using her again if we have any more pictures taken in the future, while we are here. 

This weekend we are going to Bonefish Grill with Jason and Jennifer! The guys decided they were going to "suit up", so it will be interesting to see us all dressed up and them not be in uniform. 

It seems like everywhere we go now someone stops me and says how I look like I'm about to have a baby any day now. They're eyes get big when I tell them I am lol. I have a baby shower at the church on Saturday! Pretty excited about that, I mean...I love cake, especially when it's made just for me! 

Saturday is also Russ' Navy enlistment anniversary. He will have been in for 9 years! I'm very proud of all he has accomplished! Every time I go in his office or to an event of any kind with him, his "co-workers" always tell me how hard of a worker he is and how proud they are of him too. 

It's a beautiful day outside! 70 degrees! So I'm about to put my walking shoes on and head out for a nice long walk with Taylor. I hope you all are getting to enjoy some great weather too. It does not seem like winter, but I'm not complaining!!!

Love you all!!


  1. Aweeeeeeeee I love the pictures although I think Russell is too relaxed in the first one. We were talking about the big event and question? has Russell ever watched a video on childbirth? It will be so much more eventful than getting shot at by the Taliban. :)
    I think the warm weather is gonna have to slow down. our back yard has greened out and that doesn't happen til late March. But like you loving it. Looking so forward to a couple weeks with my girls and Russell.
    Love you


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