Still waiting!

No baby yet! 
But I'm enjoying these last days of being pregnant as much as possible. I mean, it gives me an excuse to eat more than one red velvet cream cheese swirl brownie (which are delicious and I recommend you make them ASAP).  Recipe here.

Our wonderful church ladies had a baby shower for us on the 4th. We got so much stuff! Lots more clothes, blankets, diapers, and all kinds of goodies. 

Here is the top part of the cake that was made. They sent it home with us. So stinkin' cute! It was delicious too! There are some talented ladies at church. 

This is a blanket and cap crocheted by another lady. They're so soft! I know baby D will love being bundled up in them. 

Navy/sailor inspired clothes, very cute!

This bear plays lullabies, heart beat sounds, and nature sounds. So it may end up helping me get a few more minutes of shut eye. 

I love this especially since I saw a baby chewing on the metal of a shopping cart just the other day. I cringed at the sight. 

A memory book, which I've already started filling out. 

Taylor claimed one of the baby's stuffed rabbits. It's ok, I doubt she will miss it when she has so many other things to play with. 

Good stuff! My car was packed afterward and everyone kept saying how great of a shower it was. So we all had fun. And its nice to hear stories and good advice from experienced people. 

Tomorrow is Russell and my 3rd Anniversary! We were talking the other day about how it feels like we've been together so much longer. Then we remembered that its been 6 1/2 years since we met. Oh how time flies! Since it's hard having an anniversary on Valentine's Day and all the stores are filled with corny hearts, chocolates, and over priced flowers I thought I'd do things a little different. I've attempted to do "14 day's of Valentine's". So every day (well almost) I've given Russell something. This way I wasn't forced to stick with all V-day themed gifts. 

Day one

A Colorado Avalanche (hockey) t-shirt. With a nice poem written by yours truly. (You have to remember where I'm from, because my poems can be quite hilarious when written on short notice).

Other days he received candy, Scrabble, a UK t shirt, some coozies, and what ever else I could find.

 A chocolate covered marshmallow

I taped this on a small container of mint chocolate chip ice cream. 

You just gotta get creative! His Anniversary gift wont be here until Wednesday because I waited too long to order it. Oh well. 

Russell's birthday is also next week! So if I'm not busy pushing out a baby, I gotta plan for that too. 

Not much else going on lately. Bonefish Grill was wonderful! I got the grilled salmon in some kind of butter sauce with asparagus and rice. Russell and I shared a brownie for dessert. 

I have an appointment tomorrow. Hopefully progress is being made "down there" so we can get with it and book my wonderful mother's plane ticket. I am getting excited to see her! Visits with family is something you should never take for granted, even if you see them everyday. Russell is looking forward to someone else cooking ( I'm not sure if he's tired of my cooking or he's just really missing some good KY cooking). Either way we're both excited. I know mom is too! 

I've had sinus issues this past week and am slowly getting better. I've had the humidifier going at night which seems to help. 

I hope you all are doing great and enjoying this Monday! February is almost half way over, which is hard to believe! Spring is on it's way despite what that pesky groundhog had to say about it. 

Love you all and stay tuned! 


  1. Well child of mine, I am glad you have such a positive outlook. :)
    I am looking forward to comming up and getting excited too. you ask me the other day about if you and Erin were early babies? you were a few days late and I still can't remember on Erin. so I am no help.
    Love you

  2. Hello Danielle, I'm visiting from Southern Plate Front Porch family. Sending Happy Anniversary wishes to you and your husband.
    What a GR8 idea to do something a little for Anniversary gifts!

    The Baby shower cake looked so pretty!! Yum, Red Velvet Cream Cheese Swirl Brownie, Is there a recipe?
    Happy Blogging!!

    1. Thank you for visiting! I hope you found something interesting on here. There is a link for the brownie recipe in the post, you have to click where it says "Recipe here" (click the "here"). They are very good!

      Thanks again for visiting, hope you come back again!

  3. Hi Danielle,

    Has the baby arrived yet? It is March 12, 2012.


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