The New Year!

I apologize for being behind on posting. I could blame it on many things such as laziness, having a full schedule lately, or being pregnant and not wanting to do anything in general. But I'll just skip all that and say, here I am!!!

We rang in the New Year asleep in our bed. We stayed up until 11pm and then gave up waiting. I like my sleep more than I like looking at a clock that says 12:00, I'm sure most of you agree with me. Staying up for New Years was fun when I was a kid. I remember my cousin Eric, Erin, and me all laying in the living room floor in front of the TV, stuffing our faces with a family size bag of Doritos, waiting to watch the ball drop. Oh the younger days...

So some exciting news! Russ and I won a FREE photo session from Mamaratzy on Facebook. It was a giveaway for military families and we won! So this lovely lady is going to come to our home in a couple of weeks and take maternity pictures for us. 

What is even sweeter, she said she wanted to throw in a FREE Newborn session as well!!!
See, there are still generous people out there. We are pretty excited about them. Let's just hope I don't go into labor before then! lol You can check out her blog from the link above. She has some very pretty newborn pictures on there. 

We had some snow last week!! 

It snowed all day that day and by 8pm everything was solid white! Very pretty, but I will admit I'm loving today's temperature of 50 degrees a lot more. I'm just not a cold weather type of gal. 

This week on my list of to-do's is to wash, refold, and re organize all of this: 

This baby has plenty of clothes. And there are more in the closet! We finally bought some Dreft detergent so now I'm gonna be doing laundry all week. 

Another project that I started, but have not finished is a bag made from a pair of Russ' old camies (the camo uniform he wore while deployed and while stationed with the Marines).  

Heres the cut out of the front 

It will have straps as well. I still have to go buy lining material and some interfacing to make it sturdy. Hopefully I won't put this off for too long. If so, maybe my wonderful mother will finish it while she is here! Cause I know she's not gonna just sit around doing nothing =) although we will both probably be oohing and ahhing over the baby. 

We had some of our neighbors and friends over this past weekend. Saturday, Jason, Jennifer, and Cooper (dog) came over and I made some pretty tasty chicken enchiladas. 
Last night Steve, Jessica, and Duncan (dog) came over. I made a big pot roast with some buttered rosemary rolls. YUM! Jessica brought a cake that was delicious as well. I think Russell may have a hard time controlling how much of it he eats this week lol. So we have had a great weekend. 

Tomorrow I go back to the doctor for another baby appointment. Then again in 2 more weeks, and then it's every week! It's getting close!!!!

Oh, and Baby D has found my rib cage. It was funny the first time, but now it just plain hurts! lol. But I know I'll miss it when she's all grown up. 

I promise to keep you updated more! We have baby boot camp on Friday. There WILL be pictures lol. Russ gets to wear a belly! hahaha....

Love you all and have a great rest of your week!!!


  1. I want to see Russ wearing the baby belly! One picture for sure to go in Baby book. Love you


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