Baby Boot Camp and Crunchies!

How was you're weekend?!

Ours was cold with lots of ice/snow. 
Thursday Russ and i went out for dinner and a movie! Something we haven't done in a long time. Probably because it now costs 20 bucks to see a movie, plus 20 more buck for popcorn and 2 drinks. Seriously, I can remember buying tickets for $6 in KY. Guess I'm getting old lol. We watched Sherlock Holmes 2. Very good movie and I can't wait to possibly see the 3rd one?! Yes, it looks as if there will be more. 

Friday Russ and I went to the Baby Boot Camp class down in Quantico. Very informative class! The 2 ladies who taught the class were very funny which made sitting there from 8:30-3:30 not so bad. Although we ended up leaving before they were finished, we still got our certificate and plenty of great info!

They went over just about everything a new parent would need to know. And....Russ did wear the belly!

First they put this big band tightly around their chest (to imitate a pregnant woman's decreased lung capacity). Then a 38lb empathy belly. 

Then they had to remove a shoe and then put it back on. I think Russ got off easy since he wore boots. 
They also had to walk around picking up "laundry" off the floor. 

Then the men had to lie down to see how uncomfortable it is and then roll over to their other side. It was very funny to see some of the guys struggling. 

He was already saying how bad he had to pee at this point lol. 

Then we got into the hands on part of the class. Practicing breastfeeding positions, burping positions, changing a diaper, and swaddling (which was after we left). 

Russ never having changed a diaper in his life, did pretty well! Of course there was a surprise in the diaper (peanut butter I think), that he had to get off the poor baby. 

I think his burping looks more like choking, but we will work on that more later, haha. 

Overall it was a great class that I recommend anyone in the military taking. It could have easily been a 2 day class since the teachers had to skip over a lot of things. But we got plenty of handouts. 

It started snowing Friday night and then turned into ice. So Saturday we had cinnamon rolls and were pretty lazy. Then we got brave and headed up to visit Jason & Jennifer. We watched Moneyball (redbox!) which was pretty good. A little slow at times but overall a good movie. 

Yesterday we bundled up and headed to church, which was great as always. The preacher's wife is helping host my baby shower coming up and wanted to know if I had a favorite flavor of cake. Haha! I told her cake is cake to me, I like it all! 

I made a pot of chili and some grilled cheese last night that warmed us up perfectly. Then we made Crunchies!

What are Crunchies? It's a candy bar made by Cadbury that is widely sold in the UK, South Africa, and a few other of those other countries.  

Russ found the recipe on Pinterest. I leave it pulled up on the computer most days, so he must of found it then. 

I made the honeycomb..

Which is basically sugar. It has honey, corn syrup, and sugar. (3 different forms of sugar). Boil that and add baking soda and watch it foam!

Once it has cooled you have to chisel it into squares, which as you can tell didn't work out as well as we hoped.  Then you dip it in chocolate and let it set. Then store in a tightly sealed container and you have a crunchie!

Russ grew up eating them and loved the homemade version. I don't really care for them as much but I'll eat one. This saves us from having to buy them at the grocery store. Those little bars are over a $1 each. It probably cost us $3 for a whole pan full. He wants to try white chocolate for the next batch. 

I hope all of you are staying warm! I have a Mommy's & Me meeting tonight, a childbirth class on Wednesday and then our photo session that I won on Facebook on Saturday! I'm pretty excited about it all!

Love ya'll!


  1. well child of mine, I love the expression on Russ's face while he's changing and burping. Can't wait to see his expression when he's doing this to his daughter! :)
    I love reading your post and love the pics on this one .
    Love you and Good Night
    Love Momma


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