Mountain from a mole hill?...

It's still December so forgive me if our Christmas tree and all our Santa's are still up. 
Today is trash pickup day and I was sadden to see all the beautiful real trees laying out by the street today. Can't people wait 'till December is over?! 

I know all the stores already have their Valentine's Day gear out, but that is a good month and a half away! (Not to mention extremely close to baby Dykman's due date). So let's not rush things people!! 

Speaking of baby D, yesterday Russ and I went shopping to find me a dress for the RP Anniversary dinner that's coming up soon.  I didn't want to spend too much since this dress wont get much wear out of it. 

First stop: Target. 

Very small selection of maternity dresses. First one I tried on looked something like this.

I get into the dressing room, find the seemingly pointless zipper on the side, under the armpit of it and wiggle my way in. Glance into the mirror only to see the horrible image of me looking like a shrunken elderly woman wearing a tent. Fast forward 2 minutes later when I realized I had the thing on backwards. I wiggled my way in the right way, but it wasn't any better looking, so back to the rack it went. 
(I did find a cute sweater 50% off though)!

Russ and I gave up at Target and headed to the mall. The mall, which I discovered is full of stores, but only a small handful that actually have maternity clothing. So into Motherhood Maternity (outlet) I go.  Dresses everywhere! I figured it would be pretty easy to get something here. So I go picking up several dresses to try on in an array of sizes  (because let's face it, I have no clue what size I am anymore.)


Second dress....definitely no.

Third dress..."not that bad" says Russ. (Thanks darling but I don't want to look "not that bad").

Fourth..we have a winner! (Funny thing is that I didn't even pick out that particular dress, someone left it in the dressing room)

It looks something like this

But in a blueish grey tone. I also figured out that my "bump" is no longer a bump. It's more like a mound, or an overly inflated balloon. Bump gives the illusion of small....which is not what you are when you're 8 months pregnant. I don't have a waist, unless you count the small section between my mound and bust that every maternity shirt/dress likes to throw a tie of some sort around.  

I love being pregnant. It's beautiful, exciting, and such a blessing to see and feel this little one kicking and rolling around. But I'm also looking forward to having my waist back. And for spring to be here....Cold weather isn't much fun when you can't fit into your coat! 

Hope you all have a safe and Happy New Year!!!


  1. Sniff, Sniff
    Darling Daughter I have just laughed until I cried. I could vision this awful experience as if I was sitting in the dressing room with you.
    And yes the pic of the first dress looks like a really old woman. I do like the second one tho, entirely different look. You will look great. I checked for updates the fist of the week and missed not seeing one, but then today on a whim checked and suprise.
    Love you


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