Holiday candy making...

It's here!!!

It's finally December, which is bittersweet because I almost don't want it to end! I could leave my tree up for a few more months and be thrilled! But I'm thinking the HOA people would come knocking at our door after a while. 

We did get out outside lights up last night and this morning. We put colored (gasp!) lights out front and white on the patio. We had to get festive lol. 

Santa's helpers (aka Fed-ex) delivered part of Russell's Christmas gift yesterday. I texted him this picture just to tease him a bit. 

He has no clue what it is and it's driving him crazy! haha. Which is the point of buying gifts...they're supposed to be a surprise! I bet he asked 100 questions last night about what it was. 

I also saw this CUTE bag at Target:

I'm a sucker for anything with a Boxer on it, but this just topped it all. Which brings me to this:

Someone thinks all these clothes are for her! She napped here for a while until I finally packed them away. She'll always be our baby lol.

So now that December is here, what are YOU baking or making?!
I miss when we used to make huge amounts of candy and goodies to give out to our friends and neighbors. Even our bus driver's when we were in school got a box of chocolate covered cherries! 

I'm not making as much as I did last year for big belly reasons. But I am making a few things. 

On my list is:

Chocolate covered pretzels -sure you can buy store bought, but homemade are SO much better.

Fudge - Chocolate, peanut butter, and cinnamon. Very yummy and if you need a great recipe for fudge, here is what I use SP fudge Recipe .

Toffee- Last year was the first time I ever made toffee and it was the first thing to disappear! Very easy (you just gotta stir it for a while) and pretty quick. I'll post my recipe for it later, once I dig it out lol. 

Red velvet truffles- never made them before.

I usually make peanut butter balls but I made way to many of those last year so we're gonna try these this year. I'm using a very easy recipe from (which is where the picture is from)’s-no-jesus-in-our-nativity-set-right-now/

( I need to get my link button fixed).

Now I'm sure i'll sneak in some other goodies as well but this is the main list. I have clear bags to put them all in and off to Russell's office they'll go! Better than my thighs, haha!

Do you have any favorites???

Hope everyone is staying warm and has a great weekend!!! I gotta go finish filling out Christmas cards.

Love you all!


  1. Love all of this, but your pictures are the best. I wonder how many ppl know what the next to last pic is? It took me a moment, you posted it upside down on purpose. But I know my grandbaby, even if she is not here yet.
    Make the peanut butter balls....its Christmas time. Kimber is a hoot, she will go over to the Christmas tree and walk around untill she finds the reindeer, she will stand and look at it for a full minute then haul off and smack it and walk away while looking over her shoulder at it spinning like crazy. Ah the pleasure of watching the babies.
    I love you and miss you


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