D.C. trip, surgery, and why our pooch is the best!

I've been in a Christmas mood for the past few days (ok, ok it's been weeks)! This past weekend Russ and I put the tree up!! Early, I know, but we will be so busy/out of service (lol) anytime after Thanksgiving to put it up. Christmas is no doubt my favorite holiday and I have my wonderful mother to thank for that. =)

Ain't she pretty?!
We don't have all the ornaments on it yet. I think we will wait till after Thanksgiving to do the rest. 
Which reminds me...
I'm excited to go home to KY this weekend!!!
We have a lot of things planned but I'm sure we will have plenty of time to relax. Driving all day Saturday (boo),  Church and my baby shower on Sunday, a much needed haircut on Tuesday, a trip to Nashville or Bowling Green with Russ sometime, and Turkey day!! 

It's weird to think the last time I was home I didn't have a belly to show off or baby kicks to share. But now...

Mama bear is getting big! (Russ tried to sneak this pic).

Speaking of Papa bear...he is going to have surgery to repair a hernia when we come back from Thanksgiving leave....so please pray for Papa bear =)  It's his first surgery and he's a little nervous. But if all goes as planned it will just be 3 little holes in his belly and a week off of work.

Here are some pics from when Russ and I went to D.C. with his brother Mark and Mark's girlfriend.

The white house...

Russ and me in front of the white house. Again, it was freezing! I think the warmest it got all day was 37 degrees. That was after it started snowing lol.

We saw the famous panda...

a laid back monkey of some sort...

 and this friendly guy. He walked right up and sat in front of us and started eating (I'll spare you the gross details).

one HUGE turtle!

Lion cubs, although I think they were a little big to be cubs.

and a very unhappy tiger. He/she wanted inside (but it was cold so I can't blame them ).

It was a fun day and I'd like to go back next year maybe in the spring when it's much warmer.

Now for the part I know you've been waiting for.....

Why our pooch is the best!

For starters...she's very smart. Yep..

She even helps me with laundry...

Ok, so she's better at making sure the laundry basket is empty..

She knows when it's cold outside and dresses accordingly..

She's compact...

And she doesn't mind sharing...the back seat

or the couch

But only with her friend Cooper. I think she felt sorry for him since he had to stay a night away from his mom and dad for the night.

There are many more reasons why our pooch is the best but I'll leave it at that for today. It's 70 degrees out right now and I'm loving it! I have a baby doctor appointment tomorrow morning at 7:40 am. I'm not looking forward to it since its the one where I have to drink "the stuff" and get my blood drawn. Maybe my mid-wife wont tell me to watch my weight this time lol. I'm glad I'm going the week before Thanksgiving!

Have a great day and I love you all!


  1. Well child of mine, I love all of this post. Your tree has more space this year and will look wonderful when you get the rest of the deco. on it.
    Don't worry about getting the preg look, did you ever see a small preg. woman? Baby has to have her room, remember that this time next year you should be back to your old size, only if you can whip Russell in shape with the sweets.
    Good pics of the white house even if you looked like the Ice couple. Even the poor animals at the zoo looked miserable.
    Taylor is looking as spoiled as ever, good for her. Shows she is being loved.
    Just one question, what was the baboon trying to tell you??? I got a feeling I don't want to know.
    Love you kiddo and thank you for sharing your life in Virginia.
    Love you and soooo looking forward to next week.

  2. The gorilla was trying to tell us anything, but he would eat, vomit, and re-eat. They were all doing this over and over. Very gross.

    Everything went great at the Doctor's office today. Belly is measuring where it's supposed to, I didn't gain any weight, but baby still hasn't came down off that sugar high. My poor tummy feels like a boxing ring! I love it though =)


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