Are YOU ready?

It's on it's way, getting closer everyday!

What is it you say?


It is officially less than 8 weeks away! How scary is that?! Especially if you're like me and haven't done ANY shopping at all. Oh, I know what I hope to give everyone on my list. But I haven't gotten to the actual buying/making any of it yet. I think the government should send everyone a big fat check for Christmas just for making us put up with them and all their hoop-lah this year. Who's with me?!

Wishful thinking...

Halloween is over and all the little spooks are probably wearing down from their sugar highs by now. We had lots of trick or treaters this year! Last year we didn't have a single one. I think the little kids are the cutest. We had a Santa, ninja turtles, witches of every size, and my favorite one...a build a bear! This little cutie was maybe 4 months old, wearing a fuzzy, white jacket with ears on the hood, and was sitting down in a box that a build a bear comes in when you buy them. SO cute! 

I didn't take any pictures of the kids because I don't think people like strangers taking pictures of their kids ( i know I wouldn't). But here are a few from our pumpkin picking and Halloween decor. 

Russ on the tractor! Suits him don't ya think!?

Us on the tractor.

Hay ride to the pumpkin patch..

Russ looking for the perfect pumpkin!

found it!

Me looking for mine..

My winner! The spider was included in the price, hehe.

The white thing in the back ground is a dog with a sheet over it holding a jack o'lantern. 

The mummy I made!

And the cutest pooch on the block! 

Yes, Russ took her trick or treating to see her friend Duncan. She got a treat and got to check out Duncan's house, where she now tries to stop at every time we walk by. 

It was a good Halloween. But now I'm in full Christmas mode!! If I could put our tree up now I would. Last night I had Christmas music playing while I baked chocolate chip cookies. They were yummy! And I woke up this morning with "Christmas Cookies" by George Strait, stuck in my head. It's gonna be a long 7 1/2 weeks lol. 

We went to DC with Russ' brother (Mark) and his girlfriend. It was COLD! SNOWED! We saw the outside of the White House, went through a small part of a museum, and then to the zoo. I don't recommend doing any of those activities while its 37 degrees and raining/sleeting/snowing. But it was a good day. Maybe they'll come back on a warmer day. 

I hope everyone is having a great day! Remember, there is always something worth smiling about. 

Love you all!


  1. I just love Taylor's outfit. Glad you had all the spooks to treat. Some people forget that Halloween is enjoying seeing all the imagination people have. And to treat is just another way of giving. Glad you and Russ enjoyed it.
    Thank you for being you. I love you and miss you. Just think 3 more weeks and you will be home. Can't wait.

  2. you really need to update miss seeing all


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