It's alive!!!

Hello again!

This has nothing to do with anything (that makes complete sense, right lol) but I'm sitting here eating the leftovers of the best salad I've ever had! Last night was "Wife Appreciation night" and we went to Famous Dave's BBQ. First off, I dunno who came up with wife appreciation night, but I love it! Secondly, This is the only thing I order when I go to Famous Daves now. Yes, they have delicious bbq pork, brisket, ribs, chicken, and burgers, But this here salad is my absolute favorite! 

It has salad greens (lettuce and maybe romaine) chopped very small, which I'm picky about anyways. One of my pet peeves is ordering a salad that comes with huge hunks and leafs of greens. Carrots, finely diced tomatoes, radish, cheddar cheese, potato sticks (yes, the kind you can buy in a can to snack on), bacon, and finally crispy chicken! Its smothered in this dressing that I haven't figured out what exactly it is, but it makes the salad.  AMAZING!

Whew, I didn't expect that to be so long of a salad rant. haha. 

Anywho, I have finally sewn up more of those nifty hand towels, but in more of a Fall color scheme. 

Very nice if I do say so myself. 

This past weekend Russ, Taylor, and I went to Shenandoah National Park for a drive and see. We spent almost 2 hours there and didn't even make it halfway through it! So we will definitely be going back. It was beautiful! The leaves we changing and you could see for miles and miles. 

She was like this the whole trip! 

This was one of the first pull offs, the leaves here hadn't changed colors much, but the farther into the park we drove, the better it got.

Happy dog

We struggled trying to get a picture of Taylor and I. 

Stick bug!

This reminds me of KY. 

Here is where the colors really started coming out. 

We decided to take a walk on one of the many trails. We made it probably a mile and turned around. We were pretty nervous about seeing a bear.

But luckily this is all we saw! 2 turkeys. 

Our bear sniffing dog.

The critter outside the restroom.

God's paintbrush at work!

We were tired from all the driving, but we don't look too shabby, haha.

This was going back out of the park. Tree tunnel! 

So that was our trip. We had planned to swing by the apple orchard on our way back home, but we were all three exhausted. Saving that for another weekend! 

Taylor got mail! We ordered a new collar for her during our last visit home back in August. Waited and waited to hear from them to see if it ever got to the store. No forward 2 months. I called the store, explained that we had ordered a collar 2 months ago and haven't heard from them about it. The lady checked the computer. "The last transaction we have was in March." 
"No, we paid for this in August" I explained. 
On and on we went. She said she would call the manufacturer to see about it. Then she calls me back and says "Oh, it's been in the back for about a month with all these notes saying we couldn't contact you. 
Apparently they had mistakenly put it under someone else's name and had been trying to call that poor guy to come pick up his pink dog collar, when he didn't even order it!

They shipped it to us for free and Taylor loves it! I took it out of the box and showed it to her and she sat down right in front of me waiting for me to put it on her! She is so smart!

Here is the new collar along with the old one that used to look like that, once upon a time.

She pranced around all evening showing it off, lol. Silly girl. 

Now for a video of my belly. It's alive I tell you!!!

Watch the bottom right part of my belly, this baby has got some moves. 

Crazy huh!?!

Well I've gotta get in the kitchen and start cooking for tomorrow. Russ' brother and girlfriend are coming down to visit, and then we are having friends over for supper and to watch some football game. (I pretend to know what's going on. Most of the time I can't keep up with the ball.) I'm gonna bake a ham, sweet potato casserole, boiled potatoes, green beans, and rolls. Oh and an old fashion peanut butter pie! Yum!

Have a great weekend!!!!!
Love you all!


  1. I love the pics of the park, wonderful colors. I want you to know that being "Momma" the other nite was great. Love gettin the call to say I sent you a video...Watched it about 3 times and almost cried...I am missing so much of you carrying this grandchild. I love you and wondered where "Tuesday" was. Love you


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