My crafting/sewing to-do list....

Happy Tuesday!!! Hope everyone is over the Monday blues and enjoying this beautiful Tuesday! 

The weather here is perfect for Fall. The sky is bright blue, no clouds, 63 degrees, and perfect for sweat pants and a big pot of pinto beans for supper. I can't wait!

I've had a stash of projects I wanted to make once I got pregnant and/or had a baby and well....I haven't gotten to any of them!  I'm 23 1/2 weeks (woohoo!) and figure I need to get the move on! So here are some projects that I'm hopefully going to be working on soon along with their sources (because I was taught to give credit where it's due). 

1. Nursing Cover

Picture and tutorial from Finding My Aloha

Simple and easy!

2. Antique baby dress

So cute! (especially now that we know it's a girl)

Source once again from Finding My Aloha (great place BTW!)

3. Burp Cloths

There are several places to get great tutorials from to make "the best burp cloths", I even made my sister some last year. The great thing about burp cloths are that you can choose to use flannel, cotton, knit, minky, terry cloth or what ever!

4. Baby Beanies!

Cause the only things cuter than bald baby heads are baby beanies to keep those heads warm!

I made my niece some fleece ones last year from the Better Homes and Garden website but these some from:
Very easy and good for scraps!

5. Hair Bows!!

Because little girls need hair bows!


6. Recovering the car seat/infant carrier

I love when people give you things. But I don't like when the hand-me down is stained or torn or just not my style.  I'd love to re-do the things, if I can get this motivated.

7. Rag Quilt

Source: Creations By Kara

It's cute and I don't think you can have enough blankets can you?! Yes its a baby version of the one I posted about here.

8. Baby to-go bags!


These would make great baby shower gifts as well. Little cloth bags (2 sets) one set with a onesie on the front, numbered 1-4 or 5. And one set with baby food jars on the front, again numbered. You stash a couple diapers, travel wipe packs, a clean onesie, baby spoon, bib, baby food...etc. In the appropriate bags and mom has them when she has no time to pack the diaper bag!

9. Car Seat/Carrier Cover


I made some of these for my sister too! Maybe I'm just going to have to go "borrow" these back from her.

10.  Well I've got no number 10 at the moment! HA!
I'm sure once our little bundle of joy gets here I'll find more things I will want to make and have absolutely no time to do it!

On a side note, Russ finished the Tough Mudder VA on Sunday. If You've never heard of it, its crazy! It was 9 miles of up hill (it was on a ski resort, so these were no small hills) running with 25 military style obstacles. The Icy-Hot is his best friend right now lol. I'm VERY proud of him!!!

Oh! Want to win something amazing? Head over to Tatertots & Jello and enter to win a Silhouette Cameo! I want one!!! =)

Hope everyone has a great week!!!
Love you all!


  1. Child of mine, Urgent are soon not going to have time to do all these things. This little girl will set your schedule for everything from when you eat to when you take a shower. But the important thing is thatt the second you lay eyes on this child you will fall in love. And from that day forward everything you do will be because you love this child more than anything on this earth. I know because I was blessed with both you and Erin
    Love you


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