2 months to go!!

We are officially at the 8 weeks to go mark for baby #2!! So exciting, yet so much to remember about having a newborn again. I definitely don't think I'll feel so clueless this time around. Still no name picked out (such a hard decision!) but hopefully one will come to us soon. 

So I hope everyone had a very blessed Christmas! We certainly did. We did not travel this year but we had a wonderful Christmas here with our little family. It is such a thrill to get to sneak down stairs after Lydia is asleep and put toys together and get everything set up. The look on her face when she saw it all was precious! We didn't get many pictures because we are still trying to figure out the settings on my new camera and many came out blurry. Then we gave up and just wanted to have Christmas without worrying about pictures. 

I did make a delicious pan of homemade cinnamon rolls the night before and had Russ put them in the oven before Lydia and I came down. They were HUGE! And so buttery, sticky, and sweet. 

After "Santa" came ;)

She was not expecting a dollhouse and hadn't even asked for one, but I can happily say she plays with it the most!

This over grown thing was a find from Cracker Barrel and this is the first thing she went for Christmas morning! She picked it up and brought it to me and said "look mommy! A unicorn!" Then she rode it around haha. 

The one thing she kept asking for for Christmas was a bicycle. She is a bit on the small side for an actual bike so we opted for a tricycle (Thanks Granny, Grandma, and Grandpapa!) But, she wouldn't even touch it for the longest time that day! But now that is her main mode of transportation around the house lol. 

Then she remembered her stocking!

So many goodies! She was very happy and kept hugging us and telling us she loved her presents. 

So after presents, cinnamon rolls, play time, and a nap, Russ' brother came over for a little brotherly bonding time. 

I think they called ahead to plan the plaid :)

We had a wonderful supper with family and friends. We are truly blessed and very grateful!

Dont worry, these two got their stockings filled too.  Wendy has already "killed" her toy. Taylor got a can of new tennis balls! Her favorite thing. 

Blurry, but she loves riding her unicorn. Wendy in the back eating her toy. 

We haven't done much since Christmas, kind of just hanging out staying warm. We are planning our last trip home to KY here soon, it will be the last I'm allowed to travel till after baby is born. Then it will be back here for more appointments, a baby shower, wedding anniversary, Lydia and Russell's birthdays, then baby! Wow that's a lot haha.

Today I went and checked out a baby name book (50,000+ names) and I found nothing! Russ found a few he liked but I cant convince myself of any yet. It will come….I hope lol.

Time for some pre-bed time play time.

Love you all!!!


  1. Oh I love this one. Never apolige for spending time with your family. as much as I would have loved to have you home. Christmases at home with your spouse and children is more important. I love you and see you soon


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