Catching Up

I feel like I say this too often, but where did the time go?! 
I guess with traveling and holidays around every corner it's too easy to fall behind. 
Good thing I have lots of pictures to catch you up with!

I just realized my last post was in October! Ahh.

 Well baby #2 is growing well! We are measuring right on schedule and heartbeat stays in the 140's. I wish I had more pictures of her to show but Military only gives you 2 ultrasounds during our 40 weeks. I've reached my limit I guess.

Lydia surprises me daily with her growing vocabulary and how clearly she speaks. Everywhere we go, people are always asking how old she is because she has a LARGE vocabulary. She loves asking "why" now and I know that just means her little brain is growing even more!

She was Sheriff Callie for Halloween! She loves to wear her vest while she watches the show now too!

In love with everything princess related and horses! She is always wanting to wear one of her dress up dresses and a crown. She still loves reading books and singing all day long! One happy girl!

Look at that pose! haha. We went to see Santa at the Mall one day just to get used to seeing him again, but she buried her face in Russ' shoulder and would not look up for anything! So funny! So we just skipped the traumatic picture this year. 

We traveled mid November through after Thanksgiving. First we went to Georgia to spend time with Russ' side of the family. It was great seeing everyone again and watching Lydia chase the cats around.  We had a good, early Thanksgiving meal, shopped a few antique stores, and watched Lydia ride her first "big" horse!

She couldn't wait to get the saddle on him so she rode him to the barn! She giggled and squealed so much! I think it's safe to say that there will be a horse in her (far) future. 

Brushing "Joe the horse" with Aunt Paula. She kept saying how she was making him "so pretty"! 

And finally

Lydia got to go for a ride on Joe with aunt Paula. She LOVED it! I think that might be an understatement though. She kept trying to get him to go faster and held those reins like a pro! She Still talks about riding Joe and says she needs to go for another ride. haha. 

After Georgia we headed to Kentucky. Russ went bow hunting for about a week and ended up killing a doe (we were after the meat, not the trophy). We had another delicious Thanksgiving meal.

Ma with all our yummy food!

Ma and Lydia doing a puzzle. Kimber had her 4th birthday right after Thanksgiving. She is growing up way too quickly as well. Her and Lydia had a few sleepovers at Granny (mom's) house. They play so well all day long. 
Russ, Lydia and I went to visit Baker and Jim while we were in Ky. We LOVE visiting them and seeing their farm. Lydia of course loves the cows but has a hard time being quiet so they'll come to her. 

Momma cow was hungry too, or just being funny for the camera :)

Lydia wanted to ride the cows but we had to break her heart and tell her that we don't ride cows, only horses. 

 This one is for Papa Jim! She did get her ice cream with that money! :) She ate that thing down to the edge of the cone before she decided she'd had enough. 

We had a little surprise waiting for us back in Virginia!

Our little bush beside our garage had bloomed while we were gone! It is still full of those pretty pink flowers. I was very surprised since it has been so cold!

And now that December is here we've been making cookies! These were sugar cookies that turned out very yummy. 

We went to a farm to pick out a Christmas tree and ended up at the petting farm area. Lydia said "look a little horse!" 

Then we told her it was a donkey and she thought that was the funniest thing ever. 

Really not sure if this is a llama or an alpaca (don't judge lol) but Lydia is in love with the Llama Llama books right now. So it was neat for her to see a real one. 

 And this….is why I will never own a goat. Enough said. 

So MOST everyone knows the movie Frozen, we know it a little too well since we have watched it 1,000,000,000,000 times. Lydia was invited to a Frozen themed birthday party where Elsa and Anna came too! All the little girls were so amazed.

Lydia wants a Frozen birthday party too, she has been telling me this for over a month now. We will see how that goes. 
So we didn't get a Christmas tree from the farm I mentioned above since NONE of them looked right to me. All the branches went up not out. So after the birthday party, we were driving home at 8:30 at night and drive by a small tree lot. Low and behold we found a tree within minutes of being there!

Yes, it's huge. It was about 3 inches from our ceiling. But it is so nice and full and round! And heavy. Poor Russ had to haul it inside by himself. We waited till the next day to decorate it since it was so late. 

I'm the official light putter on-er. lol

Lydia was a big helper though! We made it through 100+ glass ball ornaments and only broke one. That's success in my book.

She liked putting the hangers on the ornaments. 

So pretty! Lydia dances around the tree singing her version of "Oh Christmas Tree" and "Jingle Bells".  I put two of Russ' presents under the tree and she is having a hard time leaving them alone. She says she needs to help daddy open his presents. 

Had to spruce up the dining room too! 

While we were home in KY, Tiffany graciously took some family pictures for us! I'm so happy with the ones we got. I wont give too many away since they are also on our Christmas cards (coming soon, I promise!)

Have a great week!!!
Love you all!!


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