Where did I put that? (Plus, It's A...)

Happy Tuesday!

How has everyone been enjoying the Fall weather?! I love it and love the fresh air coming in the windows everyday! Such a blessing!

So without further rambling...

Woohoo! 2 princesses are better than one, right?! Although this one better be a tough one because big sister is already having a hard time being "easy with mommy's belly".

Short legged like her momma :)

We will see who's feet she gets haha

I have a feeling she's gonna look very similar to big sister, but that's OK with me. She was (and still is) a pretty cute baby! 

Lydia came to the appointment with us and did very well sitting still and looking at the screen. She hasn't comprehended that "it's a girl" means a little sister. She still thinks Mickey Mouse can borrow Minnie's dress if he wants, because sharing is nice ya know!

So,  you ever have something laying around, and you keep moving it out of your way only to find it again a few days later? And it keeps turning up no matter how many times you put it away (I think i know who the precious little culprit is)?

 One day, out of the blue, you NEED it! Finally a use for it, Hallelujah! You know just where it is too...


Happened to me just minutes ago. I was walking on the treadmill and the belt keeps slipping to the right. So I turned it off, found the manual to the treadmill, found the specific page on what i needed to do.
Very easy fix, just take an Alan wrench and move a screw this way and the other screw goes the other way. 

Well I've been seeing that Alan wrench laying around for a month now and now its disappeared! POOF, up and vanished. *gives the treadmill the stink eye* you just wait till Russell gets home....

Just wook at dat cute wittle bebe...

Its been too long since since she was that little, but i love her at her wonderful toddler age now!

We took a fishing trip with Russell's brother, Mark and his fiancee. I was nervous on how Lydia would do since she is in love with worms. Yes, "they're so cute mommy" wasn't gonna cut it on a fishing trip when cute little worm is being impaled by a hook and thrown into the water to fight off the hungry fish.

But she loved it! Especially after she caught a fish!

Serious about this.

Gotta jerk it in!

We had to have a little help from Daddy

I love this face! :)

Not so sure about this one. "what is that thing?!"

It was a pretty good day for a first fishing trip though. She wants to go back so that's a good sign!
We will just have to leave the worm mauling to daddy and mommy ;)

Well, nap time is over! (it goes too fast)

I love you all and hope you enjoy!
Have a Blessed Week!!!


  1. lovin the pics and your stories of Lydia have given me a good laugh.
    Love you


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