I'm Back and so is The Bump!

I'm finally back with the 21st Century, we have Internet again!!
I know, it's about time but Cox Communications FINALLY decided to offer a better deal besides, $78 a month. 

So we are connected again! I'll warn you, this post will probably be full of pictures (I know ya'll love them) about our happenings in the past and recent too. 

 Kimber and Lydia playing ring around the roses. These two are just best friends. They still chat on the phone at least once a week. 

Doing push ups with Daddy :)

We've had a few trips to the Zoo

Lydia still has a great love for animals and bugs too! The other day there was a gnat flying around while we were eating lunch. It landed on the table and I hit the table and she said "Don't squish the pretty little bug, mommy! He is so cute"  haha, not anymore...

This was from our visit to Montana back in June.

Looking for fish with Grandpapa.

We took a trip to Glacier National Park and it was beyond beautiful!

The water was so clear everywhere, such well maintained part of God's earth.

 We hiked a 2 mile trail and Lydia got lucky and was packed most of the way.

Right before she fell asleep.

 I love the mountains!

This was at the end of our hike! So worth it!

Taking a break with Grandma.

I have tons of beautiful pictures from Montana but for the sake of time I won't post them all. It was a great trip and we can't wait to go back for another visit!

We have also been busy pulling up these from our backyard.
Pecan trees! They are everywhere. And I would mind them if we didn't already have a mature one growing on the side of our garage. Our lovely little squirrels bury pecans all over the yard and then forget them and we get pecan tree sprouts. 

We spent the 4th of July at home in Kentucky. Lydia and Kimber rode in the parade and thought they were big stuff. 

These girls..

make me..


Looking for Granny and Ma.

I also volunteered to teach the 2-3 year old class for VBS this year. Russell was supposed to help but he has been super busy and didn't make it but a few nights. Regardless, it was fun and wore me out!

It was a carnival theme which all the kids loved.

"peek-a-boo mommy"

We've been hitting the library up every week. She loves dancing and singing.

 And the books of course. 

 Always time for an ice cream break when out shopping with mommy. 

So Yes! The bump is back! We are happily expecting #2 and I am 13 weeks. Baby is due March 9th (2 weeks after Lydia's birthday). Lydia still calls it a baby duck in mommy's belly. We had our first Ultrasound and baby is growing fast! Our next appointment isn't until the end of September, so I won't have much of an update until then. Lydia is very excited about being a big sister. 

Or it might be all the cute "Big sister: shirts she got in the mail :)
Either way, the bump is back!

Well I am solo happy to finally be connected with you all again! I have missed blogging and sharing our happenings with you all. Now, my big girl needs a bath and a nap and I've gotta get on that treadmill. Love you all!!!!


  1. Child of Mine,
    I love all the pictures and stories you have to tell. Thank you for all the updates. Kimber was right you have one on each side! :)


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