No internet...

Hello everyone!!

I greatly apologize for such a delay in posting! We have finally gotten moved into our new home. However, the only internet company that serves this particular area right now wants +$70 a month just for internet! So that's a no go. 

That also means I can't use our computer to post and such. :(
I'm trying this via my phone and hope it will work out. 

We are really enjoying our new home and all the work that goes along with owning a home. Except the grass, or lack of in our case. We HAD sod, but it didn't take root and it all died. So we are starting from scratch. 

Lydia is loving all this space and her toys have been successfully spread everywhere. We are currently watching Frozen, which has been on at least everyday this week. She loves dressing up in her princess dresses and singing "Let it go".  Speaking of princesses, today the library hosted a princess party and Belle, from Beauty and the Beast was there. Lydia was soooooo excited! She loved Belle and crawled right up in her lap and showed off her dress and crown. She just snuggled right up with Belle and wanted to keep going back. 

I wish I could post a picture or two but blogger is not letting me access all of my phone photos. :(

But it was nice to give you all an update and I'm gonna keep taking pictures in hopes that I can figure this out.

Love you all!!


  1. thank you, I have been checking weekly since you left for a new post. Love Skype and the chance to talk & see you and Lydia yesterday.
    Love you


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