The Countdown!

The countdown is on folks! The BIG countdown!

As in, Russell will be home in about a week!!!!!!!

We are beyond excited about this, well I am, Lydia doesn't understand what a week means yet. Although when I told her Daddy would be home soon at her new house she said "PLAY, play play play with Daddy at my new  house!" 

So big YAY!!

Another BIG yay, we closed on our house! Which most of you knew but some didn't. 
Mom, Lydia, and I went last week and unpacked most of our things into the new place. Lydia calls it "my new house". She loved finding all her old toys we left behind, it was like Christmas all over again! So much to do and see.

 I had to buy new living room furniture since we sold our couch back in November. This is one thing I do not like to do. Some people love being able to buy new furniture. Getting a fresh start or look. 

I dread it. 

I don't know why. I would rather call up the lady who bought our previous couch and say, "hey! I'm ready for my couch back now."  Maybe it would be different if Russell was here to help and give his input. But we found a set that looks great! 

I can't wait to plop down in that chair  :)

We also had a nice warm day while we were in Norfolk, so we went to the beach of course!

Mom really enjoyed it too!

We are so thankful for everyone's help getting our things moved in. I'm especially thankful for mom being there for it all too. She does so much for us and I'm so blessed to have her as my mom :)

Lydia and I will be heading back to Virginia for the final time this week. Its going to be a long drive but we will make it.

We sure are going to miss being around our family. I'm so grateful that we had this time to be surrounded by our loving family.

Time to get packing!
Love you all 


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