What we've been up to!

How has a month passed since Lydia's birthday?!
I seriously had plans to get a post up sooner with all the birthday details, time has gotten away from me!

She LOVED her birthday party! She still talks about it today, which amazes me. 
He vocabulary has grown so much. Any time she sees a picture from her party she says "My happy Day". 

I think all the kids were in awe of it all. Of course what child isn't amazed by balloons and cake :)

Our menu included:
Hot "diggity" dogs
Clarabelle's baked beans
Toodles noodles (AKA mac n cheese)
Pluto's potato salad
Daisy's veggie tray

Minnie mouse cupcakes and cake

Pretty yummy!

Ma being funny!
Lydia did NOT think this was too funny and cried because Ma had her "ears" on. 

She recovered just fine. :)

 Present time! She was surely blessed with many things. 

LOVE this Minnie beanie made by aunt Susie! So cute!

After presents we all went outside to enjoy the bubbles that were in the favor bags. 

Lydia is still working on her bubble pouring  blowing skills. 

So in other BIG news!!!

No, I'm not pregnant (it would be noticeable by now). 

We are buying a home! God has blessed us greatly and we feel it to be the right time for us to take the home buying plunge. Lydia and I flew to Norfolk last week and spent some time looking at houses and found one we really love! Everything has went smoothly so far and now we are just waiting on the closing date to get here! 

Lydia did really well on the plane rides. I brought along LOTS for her to do, coloring books, stickers, snacks, iPad, and more. She did get sick on the way back home but we were halfway through the flight so it wasn't too bad (even though I had to wear most of it the rest of the way home). Zofran is our friend now when flying. 

I have 2 girls to chase down so I'll update when I can! Love you all!!!!


  1. Daughter of mine....
    even tho I am blessed with having the joy to watch Lydia's goings on and how you have grown into a wonderful Mother, I pray for a speedy return home for Russell. Lydia & you both need him physically in your life...But I do love comming home to "ganny"


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