Snow, Anniversary, and more...

Ok, so I started writing this post last month and never finished it. Life happens that way.
You'll forgive me won't you?

I've changed a few things around here, in case you didn't notice :)

I may change a few more things but I like the new look so far. Do you?! I get bored seeing the same ole look on here, so maybe I'll actually blog more now haha. 

We are having a snow day here today! The snow is so pretty falling. I wish there was about 5 more inches on the ground though. Our ground is barely covered but I know surrounding areas have more than we do. Being next to the river is no help with that, we always get less accumulation. 

Kimber stayed all night with us last night and we have had a great time. She showed up in the exact same pajamas as Lydia was wearing! How cute! Her and Lydia get along so well and play all day long. Having someone around to eat with during meal time helps with Lydia's appetite too. Kimber keeps hugging my leg and saying "Me and Lydi loves you!" Now isn't that sweet :)

I got a MUCH needed haircut today! Ok, so you probably wouldn't notice it if i didn't tell you, but I know it and it feels much better. My ends were getting shaggy and so I got a trim and layers! Very cute and suits me well. I kept my length because I've grown to love having it long. Especially when I actually style my hair. I'm working on learning new things (besides my lovely ponytail or bun).

I have put away my sewing things sadly. My machine just can't keep up with me for some reason and I have knocked the timing off again. (go me) I just had it repaired before coming to KY and now I'm just tired of it having problems. I was in the middle of making Lydia's dress for Russ' homecoming. I could try mom's machine, sometimes simpler machines work best.

(Today's addition to the post)

So Russell and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary on Friday! I received a beautiful bouquet lilies (my favorite)! They smell amazing. I sent his anniversary/birthday box to him last month, figuring it would take a couple of weeks for him to get it. Nope, he got it in one week! Figures. So he opened all of his goodies early. I got him a new leather belt he's had his eye on.

Speaking of Birthday's…..Our baby is turning 2 on Sunday!!!
I know you've heard it over and over, but…how, when, why?! I'm not ready for this. Or maybe I am. I'm not sure. Some days I wanna just squish her back down little and watch her crawl. But she pops up and takes off running in the opposite direction when I try. We are planning a girly Mickey and Minnie party. The girl is hooked. I can't wait to get to decorating and making her cupcakes and cake!

It is unbelievable how much she has grown and learned in the past 6 months. She can say a TON of words now. She can put together a few short sentences, sings Ring Around the Roses, LOVES Minnie mouse, playing dress up, reading books, having her hair fixed pretty (big change there), dressing and undressing herself..the list goes on and on. I'm even thinking about (hold your breath)…turning her car seat to forward facing! Ahhhh
I know some would say she is past due but as long as she is in the weight and height for rear facing, why not keep her that way?

Lydia and Kimber are best friends now. They could play all day together and on through the night if I'd let them. Mom and I took them to the Library for Valentine's Day and they had so much fun. They made "stained glass" hearts, sang songs, decorated cupcakes, and listened to Clifford's Valentines Day book.

Most of you know that Taylor and Wendy had surgery Friday morning. I went to pick them up that evening and Wendy was pitiful. She didn't wiggle at all. Taylor on the other hand, you would have never known she had surgery! She walked in the house and immediately started begging for food. She had some masses removed from her gums, so I was a little worried about feeding her kibble. She has had no problems with it. By Saturday afternoon Wendy was back to herself again. Keeping her from running and jumping is a different story. Impossible really!

(that was pre-op)

Well, I'm going to go put stickers on a certain princess castle and wrap a few princesses on horses. 
I sure hope everyone is looking forward to warmer weather, I sure am!!
Love you all!


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