It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Hello everyone!

I hope you all have recovered from all the wonderful Thanksgiving food! It was certainly delicious, Anna Sue hosted Thanksgiving for the Willis family and it turned out tasty as always. Of course I wouldn't expect any less :)

I finished Lydia's dress and got her to wear it! She wouldn't put it on after I finished sewing it, but by the time Thanksgiving came she thought it was "pwetty"and wanted to wear it. 

She is getting pretty good at cheesin'

Teasing Ma's dog, Ernie.

Lydia is just getting over a rash. She started with a high fever for a day and a half, around 102-103 the whole time. And then it just went down. Then we were sitting at Ma's eating and I noticed little bumps coming up on her hands, arms, and legs. I thought it might have been another case of Roseola, but now we have concluded that it is Hand, Mouth, Foot Disease (virus). It has been passed around to all the little girls and they are so pitiful with their itchy hands and feet. Lydia didn't get any in her mouth, thank the Lord!

Russell is doing well. He gets to call just about everyday and Skype or FaceTime with Lydia and I. It is very nice being able to do that unlike back in the day when you had to rely on letters. We sent him a Christmas tree to put up and now he is just waiting for the decorations.

Here are a few pics of Afghanistan.

Looks like the Afghanistan I remember seeing in pics from his last deployment. Haha, I think it would all look the same no matter where he was at.

We are getting ready for Christmas, are you?! Tree is up, stocking are hung, and gifts are pouring in from the good mail man and UPS driver just about every few days. Online shopping is the way to go! I've got everyone except for Erin….she is always a tough one. Maybe I'll take her shopping. (If you read this Erin, let's go shopping!)

Kimber celebrated her 3rd birthday last Saturday, how is that possible? haha, These girls grow up too too fast. She had a Doc McStuffins birthday at Ma's house. I made her cupcakes and a dirt pudding. All the girls had a great time. I would add pictures but my internet closes every time I try to upload pics from her party. Very odd.

Here are a few of Lydia's Christmas pictures Tiffany took for us! So cute :)

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas if I don't post again before then! Hopefully you all will be getting Christmas cards from us! Love you all!



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