We made it!

We made it to Kentucky!

Russell is officially deployed, all prayers appreciated! Any questions, feel free to email me. 

Erin flew (yes, my sister got on a plane! and liked it) to VA Beach Monday. I took her to the beach, which was freezing, and let her pick up some shells and a "critter". She helped us finished packing and cleaning. Then she made the drive back to KY with Lydia and I. I'm glad I have a wonderful sister to pull through on these kinds of things. Even if Atlanta airport got a little stressful for her. 

I'm very thankful that we have a place we can always come to. Living in an empty house was starting to get difficult. Especially when you have visitors and no couch haha. 

We had a great Halloween! Lydia got to go Trick or Treating for the first time. We bought her costume about a week before and she would NOT put it on until Halloween. I told her it was pajamas. And since it was cold out she had to wear a "hat", which happened to be a cow head. 

Russell and I were farmers and Lydia was our little cow :)
She was a little skeptical of going up the strangers, but once she figured out they were all giving away candy, she was all in! 

Love this girl!

We did carve some pumpkins! That is Russell's favorite part of Halloween. Lydia was quite the helper too. She loved playing with the insides. 

She thought it was pretty tasty too! 

Our pumpkin family!

Lydia is surprising me everyday. She is becoming more social (if you can believe that). She has started saying "hi" and waving to just about everyone she sees. She was getting a diaper change at a rest stop on our way home and a lady came out of the stall and Lydia smiles and said "hi!" So cute. She has warmed up the family here quickly. She is still fascinated with Papa. Tonight she gave him a kiss and tried to go to bed with him. Up until now, I've had to hold her hand anytime she goes near him. I know he loves it too :)

Momma's girl!

and Daddy's too!

She got her first black eye! She looks pitiful, but I guess she had it coming (haha, I know that sounds terrible). Lydia has started pestering Wendy quite a bit. She will climb all over her, pull at her face, ears,  feet. Wendy being a puppy plays back. They were playing on the bed and Wendy pounced on Lydia and her foot landed right below her eye. Lydia never cried but she sure got herself a little shiner. 

Hard to see here.

I didn't do it!

Russell took some pictures in Germany for me. He really likes it there, reminds him of driving around KY. He said he was very surprised at how nice everyone is. Says they are all really good law abiding citizens. Everyone uses their turning signals, no j-walking, etc. The only thing is that almost everyone smokes! 

He had a schnitzel for breakfast and said it was delicious! I'm not sure I can make those. 

That's about all the update I have for now. I am working on some projects (sewing) that I will hopefully share with you next time. That is if my machine cooperates and doesn't break again. Until then, we wish you all a safe weekend! Deer season starts here tomorrow, so watch out for those hunters! 

Love you all!



  1. wonderfu post as always child of mine. Makes my heart warm reading and enjoying your pics.


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