It's turning Fall!

Yes! Fall has arrived! We woke up to a beautiful 60 degrees this morning. Highs of 70, yes Fall is here.

I have been so busy lately I haven't hada chance to update sooner. Well, I did but when I started to the computer mouse died. So we are updating from the phone today because bring batteries from downstairs to upstairs seems to be a hard thing for me to accomplish. My hands are usually full with laundry and Lydia. 

So the newest thing going on is, we got a new puppy! (I know, I'm still in denial somedays)
Meet Wendy!

We got her about a month ago. She is 4 months old and full of spunk! Which is what Taylor needs, it took her a while to get used to having Wendy around. But now they are loving sisters!

(This was the first day we brought her home. Taylor is very unsure here)

She made herself at home in Taylor's bed too :)

But now they are best friends!

I have been slowly packing everything back up. Yes, packing again. We are going to move everything into storage while Russell is deployed this winter. Saves us money and I don't have to worry about someone breaking into an unoccupied house. Lydia and I, along with the pooches will be  back in Ky for 6 months. Just in time for the holidays!

Lydia has been sick lately, I'm not sure if its teething or a cold. She has been coughing, runny nose, and it's starting to look pretty bad on the bottom end too. I tried to make her an appointment but the earliest opening was in October! Glad I went to nursing school :). 

Before our Yard sale in KY.

We had a nice 2 week visit home to KY. Lydia enjoyed seeing all her cousins, and playing outside.

She is like night and day when she is inside vs outside. We went swimming on the lake with Seth, Tiffany and the girls. Lydia had fun except the life jacket.
The trip didn't phase Wendy at all. We were a little worried about how she would travel.

Her a Taylor were like this the whole trip though.

Lydia loves "endy" or "D"

Wendy hasn't gotten the used to our walks yet completely. She gets tired quick and hitches a ride.

I hope she realizes she can't do this forever. I can't imagine pushing a 60lb dog around lol.

We came home to a garden full of peppers and tomatoes!

We will be eating lots of stir fry this month.

We started going back to the library last week. It is one of Lydia's favorite things. They have a class for parents and babies there once a week. Lydia loves books and the bubbles they have at the end. We had to skip this week because of her cough. 

My sewing has also been put on hold until I can get my machine fixed. Something about it is off and no matter what I try my needle breaks every time. :(

Russell was gone last week for training and boy did we miss him. The first day Lydia cried at every picture she saw of him :(, it was terrible. But after that she was fine. We got to Skype everyday so that helped too. 

We did a little shopping though to keep us happy.

This girl loves her peas! And that makes me one happy momma.

She had the giggles this day.

After Russell came back home we did a little antique shopping. We added a few more pieces of Pyrex to our collection.

And a sifter, I love older ones.

We were across the street at the "field" letting the dogs run around and I made a wonderful discovery!
There is a pecan tree over there! I picked up all my shirt would hold ( I still had Lydia and the 2 hounds) and am drying them out. I think they will be delicious on a sweet potato casserole.

Lydia always waves at the school bus.

 Hi everyone!

Could she get any more precious?!

Lydia and I went to the Zoo yesterday with some other moms. We had a great time! She loves all the animals and kept trying to climb over the fences. Gotta watch this girl haha.

Lydia went potty on the big potty this week! I was so happy! I think since we have a 4 day weekend with Daddy this weekend, we might go full on potty training. Wish us luck!

Well I would live to stay and write more but nap time is dwindling down and this momma needs a shower and maybe some new nail polish :) we'll see how far I get. 

I love you all and miss you! 



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