Camping trip

Did you have a wonderful 4th of July?! I sure hope so!

Russell, Lydia, and I went on a camping trip (last minute planning) Thursday and just got back yesterday (Sunday). It was so nice to get away, disconnect, and unplug from everything. We stayed at Williamsburg KOA here in Virginia. We got there early enough to get a perfect camp site and beat the rush. 

First we had to pick up a few extras to take camping with us. You know, the essentials like hook on high chair and a little folding chair. 

Now we were ready to go!

We set up camp and cooked supper. Then we headed to Colonial Williamsburg to watch the fireworks! I didn't get any pictures of them cause my camera battery died at this point of our trip. Russ had his phone but didn't think to take any of them. This was Lydia's first time seeing fireworks. Last year she was 4 months old and didn't really get to see them. 

She also enjoyed momma's cookie =)

Our first attempt at our family 4th of July picture.

and then Taylor took the flag.

 Last attempt. 

 Taylor is spoiled, I will say that. She does not like sitting or laying on the ground of no grass is around.  Our site didn't have any grass. Just rocks and sand. So This was the first place she went, Russell's lap haha. 

 On Friday she moved to under the picnic table which was very cool. 

 Very dark picture but this is where she ended up staying 70% of our trip. In the tent, on the mattress, with a fan blowing on her. Like I said, spoiled. 

The campground had lots of trails and a nice pool and splash pad, which is what we spent a lot of time doing. 

Relaxing by the pool.

Lydia is definitely an outdoor girl. She was amazed that we were always outside and could see the birds and trees from inside our tent. She picked lots of rocks and put the in every thing she could find. We went for some delicious ice cream one evening and she pulled her rocks out of her cup holder on her stroller and showed everyone :)

 silly girl!

aww ain't I pretty!

Russ had to get behind her to show how small her chair is. 

We had to drive to Walmart to get some meat for supper (someone for got to pack it) and we found a travel hammock. 

Russell spent most of his time in it. 
Me making taco meat for our taco mountain pies! Delicious! 

Lydia decided to cook some breakfast for us one morning. 

Serving it up!

Swinging in the hammock =)

Our last night we cooked steaks with potatoes, squash, and zucchini. It was delicious! Everything tastes better cooked over a fire I think. 

We woke up early Sunday morning (Lydia thinks since she can see the sun it's time to get up). Packed up and came home. We looked out back and our garden was crazy! We found this beauty waiting for us. 

 Our first cucumber! Its sliced up in some salt water waiting for us now.

Our zucchini however was pitiful.

the roots and bottom were rotted and orange. We got one zucchini off it and pulled it up. It was covered with some sort of grey bug.

Lydia was glad to be back outside!!
She has been wanting to go play all morning. It looks rainy though so we may just have to settle for some reading time today.  That was our weekend! I hope yours was wonderful too. I think we are ready to pack up and go camping again! Well, all except for Taylor. She'd rather sit on the couch under the AC.

Have a wonderful week!!
Love you all!


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