Finally moved!

We finally made the move to Virginia Beach! 
I apologize for not updating sooner but with moving,  spending 3 weeks in Kentucky, and coming back and unpacking, we've been pretty busy.

We have successfully unpacked everything and have everything set up the way we like it. We even planted a garden with tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, banana peppers, and bell peppers! I'm pretty excited about my first garden, I just hope it all survives. The weather has been torture for it. It rained for a week and a half after we planted it. Now it has been very hot and dry. We have signs of life though! Our *hot* banana pepper plant has peppers!

This was right after we planted it. Everything is much bigger now, except the 2nd from the left tomato plant. It still looks like that.

While we were home in Kentucky we took a trip to the zoo with my sister and niece. We all had lots of fun seeing and feeding the animals there. Lydia even fed a baby giraffe!

Kimber, Lydia, and me

She absolutely loved the horse. We had to go feed it a carrot or apple everyday we were home. Lydia wasn't afraid of it at all, she would rub his nose, stick grass, and carrots in his mouth, and tap on the gate to get his attention. She's our little country girl!

She decided she liked eating too, I think it was Ma's cooking that did it...who could blame her.
She is eating much better nowadays, she loves eggs with sausage, yogurt, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, turkey, rice, cheese, but her favorite thing to eat is corn. She will clean off an ear of corn!

She is putting her 5 teeth to work!

Russ went turkey hunting and got one on the first day! He was happy and sad about that, it took the excitement out of the rest of the season.

I've been experimenting with Lydia's hair lately. This was the first successful one.

This was what we accomplished the other day.

I love it! I had to do half while she was napping and the other half while she was still groggy. Otherwise she shakes her head when you try to put her hair up.

We visited Baker and Jim and their farm! 

We all enjoyed the fresh air and getting up close with a few cows. 

(Russ had a nice beard going on while we were on leave)

Jim took Russ, Lydia, and Kimber for a ride back in the back fields. Daisy tagged along in the back too. 

Kimber had to jump in the puddles with her flip flops =)

Lydia throwing the ball to Daisy

Sweet thing!
Look what I found!

Lydia and I went to a pick your own strawberry farm last week. It was perfect weather for getting out and that's what we did.

beautiful berries!

I was picking away and had Lydia behind me playing. i turned around at one point to see this

she was eating them right off the plant!

Good thing it was pay for what you pick and not by what you ate! =)

We had fun and brought home over 4lbs of berries.


Over the weekend we went up to Williamsburg and walked around with Russell's brother and his fiancé. It was very hot, but we  enjoyed seeing all the old houses and how they lived in colonial times. We plan on going back again and actually touring them all.

Lydia had it made riding in the stroller =)

Had to pet the horses too!

Fun day out

On our way back home we made a pit stop at Bass Pro. Lydia kept pointing to the elk and saying "deer". Her vocabulary is expanding and she surprises me everyday.

She liked the bear too.

Some good looking catfish ;)

That has pretty much been it lately. I am trying to get myself back in the mood for sewing, I have a few things in mind I just need the motivation and alone time.

It has taken me a while to get this post up but I'm sure glad I did, I missed writing to you all! I've been working on it for 2 days now and Lydia has been asleep in my arms for the past 2 hours. I miss you all and hope to see you soon!

Had to share one last picture of Lydia and her favorite people that we miss!


  1. Thank you Daughter of Mine for sharing. I love your stories, and your pictures bring it all together. Sure do miss you all since you went home, but know that you will be back soon. If it wasn't for Skype and your post I would miss out on so much. Big hugs to all.
    Love Momma


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