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We have been pulling out all of our Christmas goodies since we got back to VA, Sunday. I love this time of year. We have everything decked out except our tree. If it was up to me we would have it up already, but this year we are getting a real one for Lydia's first Christmas. So hopefully Saturday we will go chop one down. 

We had a wonderful trip home last week. Russ did some hunting but didn't have any luck. All the boys decided that all the deer were gone. Lydia had fun getting reacquainted with all her little cousins. Although, her little cousins were sick and passed it on to Lydia. Last Sunday night she woke up with a 103 fever. It stayed around 101 all day Monday so we took her to the doctor. They weren't sure what was wrong but they thought it could've been a ear infection. She got a shot and some antibiotics. The next day she was much better! It was her first time being sick. I'm proud we made it 9 months!

Thanksgiving was great as always. We had it at Anna Sue's house. We had so much food I didn't even get to taste it all. Russ stopped putting food on my plate once it got full, I would've kept piling it on! We also had a dinner at Shelia and Benny's house with all of the Willis family. I hadn't seen most of them in a long time. So it was nice to see everyone. 

We didn't get to have the Cary reunion, sadly. Maybe we can try again in the spring.

We had family pictures made while in KY as well. As soon as I get the CD I will post some of them on here. But there are some on Facebook already. Just go to  and find the Dykman photo album. We were going to just get prints ordered, but once we saw them all we couldn't pick just a few! Ameroy really did a great job. I think we are going to make this a yearly thing.
(This was Lydia's first time in a high chair at a restaurant, Cracker Barrel)

Kimber was in LOVE with Lydia as always. She was so good with her and was "easy with Lydi or Auntie whoop my tail" haha. She and Lydia played together very well. I just know its going to keep getting better between those two. We had Kimber's 2nd Birthday party on Friday (although her birthday isn't until the 30th). It was a Minnie Mouse themed pizza party. I made the cake (Erin did the writing) and we had the party at Ma's house. 

All the little girls were there and had fun playing with all the Minnie Mouse things. I will have to remind Erin to email everyone pictures.

Lydia and I made hand and feet print ornaments today! Well, I made the dough and Lydia provided the hand and feet prints, I'm not sure anyone would want an ornament with my feet on them haha. We used a salt, flour, and water recipe and rolled it out. I plan on making more once Russ gets home. These are still drying. And I'm not sure what happened with the odd shaped one. The feet are my favorite.

I made this big pot of deer chili yesterday. It was delicious. We shared with some of our neighbors, and there was barely enough for Russ to have leftovers for lunch today.

Lydia is slowly growing but healthy. She has her 9 month appointment on Thursday morning. I'm sure the doctor is going to have something to say about her size, she always does. But as long as she is growing, eating, and meeting her milestones, I don't see a problem. Oh well.

I hope you all had  great Thanksgiving and are decking the halls and walls. I love you all !!!


  1. Well I don't have to tell you how much I enjoyed your visit home. Lydia really got to know everyone which was great. Skype is going to help keep us in touch and let Lydia know who we are.
    Love the pics and wait for more.
    Love you


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