Finally sitting down

Well, first I apologize for taking so long to get back here and fill you all in on things. 

Lydia is on the move and I can't sit down long enough to type a sentence most days. She is snoozing away peacefully now. I'm waiting for the sound of her waking up any second now. 

Anyways, we went camping!! It was great! Lydia did so well, she was her usual happy self, she loves being outdoors, so she was fine with the whole thing! 

We got to use all the camping gear we had, which is fun. Getting it all in my little car was not haha. 

Our tent was plenty big enough!

We were able to fit Lydia's pack n play, a queen size air mattress, and all of our other stuff we didn't want to leave outside. Oh, and Taylor! 

She wasn't too sure of things at first, we had to put a towel down on the ground so she would lay down....spoiled pooch. 

 Our lovely little fire that I started ( I was proud)! Some friends of ours came over later in the evening and we had Mountain pies (delicious) and smores. We had never had mountain pies before, but its a two sided, cast iron...thing. You butter two pieces of bread and put whatever fillings you want on them. We did pizza stuff. Then you close it inside the...thing, and set it on the outside of the fire. It toasts the bread and gets your fillings all nice and warm and gooey. So good!

The next morning, Russ made bacon and eggs for us. 

We waited patiently. 

We ate and went for a 3 mile walk around the park. It was nice because it is right beside a lake and we saw some deer. We only stayed one night since it was supposed to rain, and we ended up leaving right as it started. Good planning. 

Everyone here has been doing well. Lydia is, like I said earlier crawling everywhere! She even crawled up our stairs! I was right behind her the whole way though (I'm not that crazy lol). 

She goes Wednesday for her check up and more shots. It will be nice to see how much she weighs now. We have been experimenting with baby food now. She loves carrots! Hates green beans, peas, and bananas. I can't get her to open her mouth for green beans, peas she spits out immediately, and bananas make her gag. Lovely, I know. 

Her grandma Dykman knitted her a cute sweater and beanie. 

It will fit perfect by the time its winter. 

I love this picture. She's growing so fast! 

She also loves her piano! She is a little Schroder (Charlie Brown).

 Like my hat?! She is silly! 

I love my baby :) 

Well, I'm am very surprised she has slept this long, but I'm going to try to sneak in a load of laundry before she wakes up. I love you all and I hope you have been enjoying this cooler weather! I've been slowly decorating for Fall and found some amazing Maple Pumpkin candles that make me want to bake!

God Bless!


  1. Well child of mine all I can say is that we are missing out on so much. You are blessed in so many ways. I know you love and enjoy your family and that has been one of my prayers for you. I pray that the lord continues to bless you and your family for years to come. I will just say I love you and keep me posted daily.
    I love you


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