Smelly razors...

Yes, you read that right.

 I have smelly razors. They smell like raspberries, and boy do they smell good. 

 BUT! Why would someone make smelly razors?! I don't sniff my razors while I'm shaving....nor do I sniff them any other time of day. In fact, a razor is not something I want next to nose, I mean that's part of my face that does not need hair removed from or accidentally cut because my razor company decided to make my razor handles smell good. No sir ree. 

I can see me at the hospital telling the story now...haha.

Our little UK fan!!

 On a much warmer note, it's been in the high 90s the past couple of days and it is no fun. Add in the humidity and you can hardly breathe out there. So Lydia, Taylor, and me have been inside enjoying the AC.

 Lydia will be 4 months old on Saturday! She has changed so much and yet I still can't get enough of those chubby cheeks! She loves to roll over, especially when the diaper comes off. She smiles and giggles at everything, except the mixer and my toothbrush.

 Oh and she loves yogurt! Not only does she love it, she starts grunting and growling when I don't share! That's the only food I've let her try so far. I want to take it slow and not rush her into eating solids. I'm enjoying our bonding time during feedings and don't want her to stop any time soon.

 She is growing so fast! I have already packed away a lot of her clothes that are 0-3, but the 3-6 months are still kind of big. We HAD a doctors appointment for her today for her 4 mo checkup and shots, but it got moved to July since our clinic is moving. Kind of nice because I wasn't looking forward to them, it's so sad to hear her cry like that. I am pretty sure she is slowly starting to teethe, she is always biting her two fingers and I gave her a teething ring and she went to town on it. 

 I wish I could sleep that well!!!! 

 Oh, I bought this lovely strainer at the antique store last week and decided I liked it in the middle of our table. Our home will slowly be filled with good homey pieces like this. 

 Lydia also went swimming for the first time! She loved it, I think. She loves bath time so I had no doubt that she would like the pool. Look at that cute little swimsuit! Now if only they made swim diapers small enough to fit her little bum. 

 Father's Day was good. Here is what Lydia and i made Russ. 


 You know I couldn't leave out the pooch!

 Well I'm so glad I got to update everyone! We have a BBQ up at Ft. Belvoir tomorrow so I really hope the weather is nicer. It's raining now, so maybe that will cool it down. 

I hope it is not as hot there as it is here. If so, stay inside. We went for a walk at 9 last night and it was still 95 degrees. Although it is a great excuse to go get a chocolate vanilla twist soft serve cone, mmmmmm I can almost imagine the line at Tastee Freeze :)

 Love you all and God bless!


  1. Well child of mine I can honestly I don't smell my razors either. It would most definitely be a hazard to my health!
    I love the post especially the pics of Lydia, it gives me a sense of keeping up with all of you.
    I enjoy our almost daily chats just wish you were here in person.
    Ma had 3 canning of beans today, I carried 2 of them down and sit them on the shelf. Lookin good.
    I want you to know that I love you and miss you terribly, and am looking forward to August.
    Love you Smiggin


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